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Cook For Family – Yam Rice with Lotus Root Soup.

Today if you are reading Singapore blogs, you would have noticed that over 100 blog are posting about Cooking For Family. Keropokman and KopiKosongGirl are also participating in this initiative that Daniel had started the ball rolling.  We know we can cook elaborate dishes, but […]

Just for fun – Cooking Curry Day Singapore

Just for the fun of it, we had curry tonight for dinner. We don’t really care about how ‘the incident’ about how it came about after we found out that it happened more than 6 or 7 years ago! Cheh! We are just curry lovers! […]

Treats from Paris

Our cousin came back from her holiday in Europe and brought us a little treat which we had after dinner at our home tonight. They liked us did not specifically walk into the shop it seems.They saw a nice chocolate shop and walked in and […]

Singapore Laksa La Mian

We bought 2 packets to try a few weeks ago when we saw this on sale in the supermarkets.After trying it, we liked it and on the next grocery trip, we bought 6 more packets to keep at home, in case we are hungry at […]

Burger Dinner @ Home

After this burger post, I will have a break from posting more burgers. I still have lots of photos of burgers from burgers from Singapore and also overseas. If you have the Lonely Planet Queensland guide, they have an entry about the best burger in […]