How to cook your own chilli crabs at home… It’s easy. Really!

Last weekend, went over to aunt’s place. Remember the birthday cake? It was a birthday party.
The main thingy is eating crabs.

So here’s the whole process of cooking crabs. You can do it at home too…

This are crabs that was just bought a few hours earlier. The secret to great tasting crabs is freshly ‘murdered’ crabs. haha.. No need to teach you how to kill crabs lah…

Here’s the first container of the crabs.

These are the leggies part of the crabs.

That is a mix of onions and garlic and ginger.

Usually we use prima’s crab mix, but the kids that was sent down to buy, bought this instead! haha..

Then after it smells really good, add in the chilli crab paste.

When it’s nice and smell simply intoxicating, add in the crabs!

Stir fry them, mix them really well. I tell you, cooking chilly crabs will get rid of flabby arms! The exercise that you have to do to stir…. This is after adding water…. You can see the colour has changed…

Then after adding in the beaten eggs, it looks even yummier now…

After that, serve..

Chilli crabs must go with buns… This is the ones you get from the frozen section…

After steaming it… looks good ya…

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. No, I did not cook them this time. Aunt did it. I just took photos.

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