.Cuisine: Steamboat

The Perfect DIY Steamboat for Chinese New Year by Chef Li Kwok Kwong @ ToTT Hands-on Session Cooking Class

The Lunar New Year is coming soon and we know families celebrate it differently depending on their ‘tradition’. Our family’s ‘tradition’ is to have mum and aunties cook different dishes that is meant to last the first few days of the New Year. So many […]

JPot @ VivoCity

My colleagues and I had a ‘Christmas Feast’ on Tuesday. Not sure if you have a scheme at work where you suggest work improvements and you might get compensated with some $$. It is known as “WITS” in many places. Anyway, a few colleagues suggested […]

JPot @ VivoCity

On Saturday night, our aunt ‘jio’ (invited) us out for a HotPot meal. She wanted to try out JPot at VivoCity. It was only when I was there, that I found out it’s another of Jumbo’s new concept restaurants. (they are all kinds of restaurants […]

Steamboat @ Aunt’s Dining Room

It’s always fun to have the whole family sitting on the big dining table enjoying food. Having steamboat is something that’s quite fun. Moreover you can get children to cook for you too! hehe… They are always so eager to want to put stuff inside […]

Paradise on Earth @ Tanjong Katong

This might sound silly, but we do silly things don’t we? It was one of our colleague’s birthday. But when we told him we wanted to celebrate by treating him lunch, he declined. (This guy is known to take leave on his birthday the last […]