.Location: NUS Arts Canteen

Burger King Tendergrill @ NUS Deck Canteen

Since I am doing all burger posts these few days, I might as well blog about this burger craze today.I am sure most people would have seen the $1 Tendergrill advertisement by Burger King. Colleagues and I decided to join the queue today! Time is […]

Noodles Stall @ Arts Canteen, NUS

It has been months since my colleagues and I ate at the Arts Canteen. We are usually too lazy to travel far away. (I can hear u all say, ya right…. haha) Walking around, one colleague and I decided to have Bak Chor Mee. (I […]

Yong Tau Foo @ The Deck (Arts Canteen, NUS)

We have been eating slightly costlier food, so it’s back to cheaper eats. I had lunch with colleagues from different buildings at my workplace today. We met for lunch at The Deck, more commonly known as the NUS Arts Canteen. Looks like since the last […]

Yong Tau Foo & Laksa @ NUS Arts Canteen

Yesterday, we abandon our normal colleagues whom we usually have lunch with, and join other colleagues. We went to the NUS Arts Canteen. As the exams are finally over, the canteen’s the best place to eat now! Very few students are coming in! However, we […]

Western Food (Half Spring Chicken) @ New Arts Canteen, NUS

The NUS Arts Canteen has reopened, and everyone who is kepo kepo all went to see see.We heard about it and travelled there and joined the crowds too. (we must be mad). It was chaotic. Anyway, another colleague and I queued for the Western stall. […]