Western Food (Half Spring Chicken) @ New Arts Canteen, NUS

The NUS Arts Canteen has reopened, and everyone who is kepo kepo all went to see see.
We heard about it and travelled there and joined the crowds too. (we must be mad).

It was chaotic. Anyway, another colleague and I queued for the Western stall. I ordered this. Half Spring chicken. Long long wait. $2.90

The canteen has two sections, upper and lower Level 1, and Level 2 – which has aircon restaurants like Burger King, Lerk Thai Bistro and Olio Dome.

Yes, there’s discount for BK here.

Some sights of the Upper Level 1.

Maybe when the crowd dies down, we might visit this canteen again.

5 thoughts on “Western Food (Half Spring Chicken) @ New Arts Canteen, NUS”

  • wah shiok !!! BK above !!!I just graduated from nus… shit.missed out…but I love my indian stall from Engine.Is there great Jap food?<>www.iamfeaturedagain.com<>

  • Interesting blog you have here! Am glad tt the Arts Canteen’s opened in time for the new academic yr, had to make do with the less than appetizing food at the make shift canteen last sem if we did not want to venture further. Glad they retained the “Heaven – Earth – Hell” concept. 🙂 My fav remains to be the Yong Tau Fu stall – the one with the longest queue. Glad they decided to come back. You shld try that next time! My only grouse was the ventilation – not much improvement there. 🙂 – Kristine

  • things to try at arts canteen the deck!1. Japanese – the cold noodles, the curry katsu, or the tamago dishes!2. Yong Tau Fu3. This Chinese Stall that sells “dan dan mian”, “Liang mian”, “Guan Bo chicken rice”

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