Yong Tau Foo & Laksa @ NUS Arts Canteen

Yesterday, we abandon our normal colleagues whom we usually have lunch with, and join other colleagues. We went to the NUS Arts Canteen. As the exams are finally over, the canteen’s the best place to eat now! Very few students are coming in!

However, we saw nearly 50 kindergarten children though, all walking into the canteen while we were eating. Wah. Kindergarten children and they are already having visits to Universities! What an early head start!

I finally tried the acclaimed Yong Tau Foo stall in the Arts Canteen. The queue was the shortest!

It’s famous you know! Look at the awards and the newspaper article pasted there. Many colleagues says so too.

What did I order, both Yong Tau Foo & Laksa in a bowl!
I kinda like the laksa gravy. It’s thick enough but not overly thick with the ‘jelak’ feeling. The Yong Tau Foo stuff’s really fresh too.

8 diff pieces of YTF, kuey teow and laksa gravy.
Only $2.40 (8 pieces : 1.80, noodles : .30, laksa gravy : .30)

OK, let me post the price list, zoomed in from the first picture above.

Have a good weekend!

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