Lu Gang Xiao Zhen (Asian Kitchen) @ ION Orchard

We were at ION Orchard and were hunting for food. Do you notice, sometimes it’s the nose that leads you to what you want to eat! We were going down the escalator and the smell from someone’s hot grill order from Watami hit us! So we walked towards Watami. But we were at Sushi Tei the day before and also had Japanese food the day before that!

So we walked past Watami and we saw the word Guitar Duck at the next shop! Huh? Guitar? We took a second look and decided to try it. It’s a Taiwanese food shop called “Lu Gang Xiao Zhen”. (another of the Asian Kitchen outfits) It sells the various Taiwanese street foods, but with a comfortable sitting area. We noticed that food was served rather quickly too!


We grew up eating Mee Suah, so we love anything Mee Suah!
(The Mee Suah we grew up eating did not have the oyster in it!)

Their Taiwan Granny Oyster Mee Suah ($8.90) is a little salty but that’s how Mee Suah is suppose to be.
At home we have our Mee Suah uncut ie super long to symbolize longevity, but their Mee Suah is ‘short’. Hmm.. probably for easy eating? Sis said the Mee Suah here is ok lah.

Taiwan Granny Oyster Meesua 8.90


The following is the Tang Hoon Paradize ($7.70)
Also a little salty, but it was nice too. Lots of ingredients in it.
Perfect for those who likes their food a little salty (like Momo!)

Tang Hoon Paradize 7.70


This was the Duck-in-a-Roll. ($6.90)
Sis and Momo seem to love it. I think it’s ok lah. So, I think this is more of a ladies’ dish.

Duck-in-a-roll 6.90


Presenting the Guitar Duck! Hey, it does not resemble a guitar at all. We had the small version and the original flavour. ($10.70)

The side that had no bones was really easy to eat. The side that had bones, you need to tackle it a bit.

Guitar Duck (Small) 10.70


I had the Eggy Bowl of Rice. ($5.90) It was served in a tiny bamboo container. Very pretty looking but if only the size of it was larger.

Eggy Bowl of Rice 5.90

If you were like me wondering where is the egg? It’s hidden below!

Eggy Bowl of Rice 5.90


Just like any other Taiwan eating places in Singapore, the portions are a little petite.
So we ordered a few more things to try.

We have heard of Chou Tofu (smelly beancurd). But it was the first time we saw Xiang Tofu (fragrant beancurd). So out of curiosity, we ordered it.

It’s just crispy skin, soft inside beancurd with some dipping sauce on the side. Not spectacular, but since it’s easy to pop in the mouth, you would keep eating it.

Xiang Tofu


For desserts, we ordered two things to share.
The Mango Sago. The mango is a bit too ripe for my liking.

Mango Sago


I can’t remember the name of the next dessert. But it’s glutinous rice with lotus paste wrapped in lotus leaf.
While most of the food came very very quickly, this took a really long time to be served. It was steaming hot, so it was probably only prepared when we ordered it.

Glutinous Rice with Lotus Paste in Lotus Leave

Yes, it’s petite too! But it was nice tasting though.
The ladies loves it. So I shall say it’s another ladies dessert. :-p

Glutinous Rice with Lotus Paste in Lotus Leave

Lu Gang Xiao Zhen (Asian Kitchen) @ ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#B3-22 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

Tel: +65 6509 1128

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