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Momo and I bought some online discount coupons for the Paradise Dynasty XLB few months ago and Momo reminded me that they were expiring. We thought we better use them soon! We could only use them on a weekday so we took an afternoon leave one day last week to have lunch and then run some errands.

These coupon sites always tempt you to buy and buy! I have forgotten to use some previously and they expired!

Paradise Dynasty

The colourful Xiao Long Baos of Paradise Dynasty! Using the ‘groupon voucher’ it is $7.90.

Momo and another two friend had them a week ago (also using coupons! haha) and told me it was not really memorable. I find them OK, but only if you eat them a certain way! I realise I can taste the different flavours if I bite the top of the XLB and suck the juice out first. It’s very subtle.

I followed the instructions on which flavour to eat first as well. If I come back again, I would go for certain flavours only. I would only go for Ginseng, Crab Roe and Szechuan. I will give the rest a miss. 😉

Paradise Dynasty

Poached chicken in Spicy Chilli Sauce. $7.80

Both Momo and I like this dish more than the XLB! It’s served really cold and it is also really spicy! We have always loved this dish and orders it at different places. The ones here are quite good!

Paradise Dynasty

We ordered a fried La Mian with black fungus to nibble as well. $10.

We like this too. It had the ‘wok hei’ smell and it almost reminded us of char kway teow. Momo said if only they had cockles inside, it would be perfect!

Paradise Dynasty

We also had the La Mian soup with deep fried pork ribs. $11.80
The noodles are nice, but the broth is a bit salty. We improvised by draining the noodles and mixed it with the spicy chili sauce from the chicken instead. We liked it! So spicy and so tasty!

Paradise Dynasty

The pork ribs were served on a separate plate. As the broth has been designed to be salty, they did not make the deep fried ribs so salty to go with it. Since we ate the noodles with chilli, we enjoyed munching the deep fried ribs on its own.

Yet to try the other dishes, but we liked the spicy chicken and fried la mian.

Paradise Dynasty
2 Orchard Turn
#04-12A ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

Tel: 6509 9118

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