.Area: River Valley

Nasi Padang River Valley @ Zion Road

Wow, how fast time passes! We had this meal with our friend, Momo’s childhood friend Julia before she delivered her baby and now the baby’s over 1 month old! We know she likes to eat (like us) and when the baby comes out, she will […]

Fat Boy’s – The Burger Bar @ Mohd Sultan

Momo and I had burgers again, so here’s another burger post.It was our first time to Fat Boys and it was on a super hot Sunday afternoon.The branch at Mohd Sultan is in a shop lot with a few other stalls selling different food and […]

Ippudo Tao @ River Valley Road

Momo and I both took leave one day last week. I had tried to book lunch at Waku Ghin, but was placed on waiting list. I was trying to be hopeful. Hoping someone will give up their reservation. I called again on the day itself, […]

Nasi Padang River Valley @ Zion Road

In about 2 week’s time, our youngest brother will be leaving Singapore and going back to work in UK. Suddenly we all feel so sad. Our home will have one less person. It will definitely be quieter. (not that he’s very noisy. lol) Anyway, we […]

Nasi Padang River Valley @ Zion Road

Earlier today, colleagues and I, we were thinking about what to have for lunch. It’s only 4 person today, so it’s just a nice number to hop into a cab and go somewhere further. We had a few choices, but ended up at Zion Road. […]