Nasi Padang River Valley @ Zion Road

Earlier today, colleagues and I, we were thinking about what to have for lunch. It’s only 4 person today, so it’s just a nice number to hop into a cab and go somewhere further. We had a few choices, but ended up at Zion Road.

As a colleague said, it has been TOO LONG since we drop by this place.

We were already thinking about this rendang while on the cab! We always order this. We a bit kiasu, we ordered 4 pieces today. LOL. While other people had a small plate, we had this bigger plate of rendang.

Beef Rendang = Rendang Daging Lembu.

We also had the brinjals.

Brinjals = Terung

We also like this Ladies Fingers. The sauce is those that makes you wanna lick your plate! Just like the brinjals above. haha..

Ladies Fingers = Kacang Bendi

We also had the ‘red chicken’ this time. We realised that this dish is nicer than what we remembered. I think the recipe for the sauce has been tweaked a bit 🙂

Red Chicken = Ayam Masak Merah

Added the malay terms of the food above, so when you order, you can order it in Malay if you want. 🙂

Colleagues always ask for this. Spice up your life with sambal belachan!

The kind folks always provide us with sauces. Today it is this curry sauce that has a hint of sourness that really makes you wallop all your rice and ask for more!

We were very happy people today. Yummy lunch.
While many places have cut corners etc, we always feel satisfied with the food when we eat here.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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