Nasi Padang River Valley @ Zion Road

In about 2 week’s time, our youngest brother will be leaving Singapore and going back to work in UK. Suddenly we all feel so sad. Our home will have one less person. It will definitely be quieter. (not that he’s very noisy. lol)

Anyway, we are bringing him around to eat the local stuff before he goes back. So we start with Nasi Padang.

Nasi Padang River Valley

We had 6 of us. The following dishes fed us till we want no more. So stuffed with food!

The Sayur Lodeh.

Sayur Lodeh

The Sambal Goreng. Some people call it Tempeh Goreng.

Sambal Goreng

The Kari Ayam.

Curry Chicken

The Sotong Sambal.

Sambal Sotong

The Spicy Terung (Brinjal)

Spicy Brinjal

The Beef Rendang.

Beef Rendang



The sambal belacan for that kick.

Sambal Belacan

And they always provide some sauce for your rice. This is the Asam Pedas sauce.

Asam Pedas Sauce

The food’s generally quite nice. But we thought it tasted better the last time. We wonder if it’s only our taste buds or maybe it was our perception. We set our expectations a bit too high. LOL..

Today’s beef is not as tender, maybe it’s the cut that we got. We had 5 pieces, only two pieces were soft and tender, the rest was tough. We were all quite satisfied with the vegetable dishes. Well, our brother enjoyed it. He finished every single drop of the difference sauces!!

Around $50 for the above, with 6 plates of rice. We added 3 extra plates of rice later. 🙂

Nasi Padang River Valley
55 Zion Road
Singapore 247780

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  • Hey Zion Rd !!!! My old kampong leh – at least I was borned there but moved away from a young age.Wow, $50 for so much yummies is really a good deal ! Hv noted the address for later *grin*I didnt know that the dutch had a close link to Indo food. Hubby has a shelve full of cookbooks. When I arrived here, I took it upon myself to shake off the dust n try out the recipes. Since then, sayor lodeh (very shiok with lontong rice, serundeng n extra sambal on the side) n beef rendeng appears regularly on our dinner table :-)) And without fail, hubby always want to hv satay pangang in our backyard for his B-day. Good thing it falls in the summer, otherwise it will be frozen satay of non-descript meat from our local supermarkt !

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