Menya Musashi @ The Star Vista

It’s ironic, I don’t really like to eat noodles made from wheat, but I do like ramen! I prefer to have noodles made from rice flour. Which is why when I order CKT, I only order only Kway Teow and no noodles in it. If the hawker doesn’t sell only Kway Teow versions, I walk away.

Back to eating ramen. Why do I like it? I think it’s probably the broth made from either pork or chicken. It’s the broth and not the ramen that I like, but I eat it because it goes so well together. 😉

Menya Star Vista

The wife and I met for dinner at Menya Musashi at The Star Vista the  other day. If you always see queues here and wonder if there’s ever a time when there’s no queue, it’s around 6 – 6.30 pm!

I always like my tea cold, and she likes her tea hot!

Menya Star Vista

I have eaten here a few times and we started to notice that there’s always specials here. I work near this area and the wife works in town. When I tell her what I ate at Menya in Star Vista, she will says there’s no such options at the CityHall branch. Interesting eh?

There was once I had the Curry Ramen and it was something I really liked. This above is another special (it’s 2 months ago) that was the White Miso Ramen. (Can’t remember the exact dish name as I just discovered I had these photos in my SD card).

I always like miso based stuff and this was satisfying for me. The char siu was also soft and had a nice feeling in your mouth as you bite into it.

Menya Star Vista

The wife had the ‘Black’ version of ‘chicken’.
Women are sometimes fickle minded, some days they like the white, sometimes the red version, sometimes the black.

Menya Star Vista

This version has the pieces of chicken that was good. Yes, I ate one piece of the meat when the wife offered if I wanted a bite.

Menya Star Vista

We were bring a little greedy and wanted to order something else.
So we had the duck cha shu as well. If you like duck and something salty as you have it with your tea, it’s a nice little order.

Menya Star Vista

It was a quick date night.

I have been passing Menya at Star Vista quite often,  I should stop and look at their specials now instead of just walking past it because there’s always a queue when I pass by. Yearning for some Ramen this weekend!

Menya Musashi @ The Star Vista
1 Vista Green Exchange
Singapore 138617

Tel: +65 6694 2515

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