Favour to ask you…. The People’s Choice Award for the Bosch Dream Kitchen

This is a last minute favour to ask from all your readers. Voting ends 7 December.

I am so thankful and grateful to those who have taken time to vote for us to be the Top 4 groups to join the Bosch Dream Kitchen Cookoff contest.

We got in and have been busy cooking in an absolute high stress environment.
3 Episodes have gone line here: http://www.boschdreamkitchen.com/cookOff.html

Episode 1: We had to prepare a liquid salad dish, yup salad that you can drink! Molecular gastronomy, none of us had experience in using Xanthan gum! Simply ‘han tam’ lah..

Episode 2: We had to guess the ingredients in a fried rice that was served to us and replicate it! There were 24 ingredients apparently and none of the teams could guessed it.

Episode 3: They scared us with a live frog hidden inside a covered bowl. Sis screamed her head off when we lifted the black cloth covering the bowl. We were taught how to prepare Frog Gruel. Gruel? Ain’t gruel what they feed Oliver Twist in the Charles Dickens story?

  Bosch Dream Kitchen - Vote for Team D

There’s a second voting exercise going on, but it’s not to vote for us to win the cooking contest.
It’s a vote for the “People’s Choice Award”, ie the most popular team. Looking above, we are the most unpopular team. (sigh…)

Voters (that’s you) get to win the retro looking Bosch Classic Edition Fridge.
If we are the People’s Choice Award winner, we win a coffee machine.

Would you vote for us again? I know colleagues (yes, plural) who won something in the last voting contest. I hope you will win the fridge this time if you vote for us.

Click on this URL:http://www.boschdreamkitchen.com/votewin.html?teamid=D

Step 1: Scroll down making sure it’s Team D (Jaime and Philip Lim) then click on the big red VOTE button
Step 2: Fill in your personal particulars and click submit
Step 3: Check your Email for the validation message
Step 4: Once you’ve received the Email, click on validation link, you will then receive confirmation that the vote is successful!

*If you do not receive the Email in a few minutes, check the Junk folder in case your mail filter channeled the email message there.

A big thank you again!
We really appreciate your vote!

Meanwhile, enjoy the episodes above! There are also other weekly prizes that Bosch is giving away like the Bosch Juicer. They are quite generous, so win them all!

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