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Omakase Burger @ The Grandstand

The wife and I love burgers and when we hear that there’s a new place for burgers, we will find some time to go try it.

We heard that “Omakase Burger” that’s located at The Grandstand (previous Turf City) has opened so we thought we would give it a try. Since it’s located not too far from my in-law’s place, we asked them along too!

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

We were there around 12:15 pm and the place was not as packed as we thought it would be.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

The menu that was at the entrance. Yes, it’s the higher priced gourmet burgers.
You can click on the photo above to see the full version, or you can visit Omasake’s website to see the menu too.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

After placing our orders, we got this buzzer that’s getting popular everywhere!

It’s self service here.
We were told to collect our drinks after we order at the food and drinks collection counter.
You collect your meal at the counter again when the buzzer vibrates.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

We had all our meals ‘upgraded’ to a full meal, i.e. with drinks and fries. Some drinks and fries have different prices, so you top up accordingly.

The coke here comes served in the glass bottles. For those who can taste the difference between canned and bottled version, you will be glad. The less metallic tasting coke. 😉

They used the double wall insulated glasses. We have quite a few of these glasses at home, so we know it does keeps the drinks cold for a long time. Don’ think they are Bodum ones, usually Bodum ones have Bodum brand printed below it. This was some unfamiliar name, but it works. (yes, the geek in me again).

I do hope people don’t break the glasses, expensive to replace!

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand
FIL and MIL has the coffee and they say it’s quite decent.

A note though: The food takes a long time to arrive, so either you finish your coffee while it’s hot, or you probably need to order another one after your meal arrives.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

I had the Omakase Chicken Sandwich with Truffle Fries.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

It’s a piece of fried chicken that was really oily though.

I wonder why the chicken sandwich has to ‘wrapper’ like the rest of the beef burgers we ordered, so my fingers were really oily after holding up the burger.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

Since we had 4 people having lunch, we ordered 4 different kinds of fries.
The truffle fries are good. The fries were hot and crispy, but if there’s more truffle oil it would be nicer.

Oh yes, the fries comes served in a Bodum glass.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

MIL has the Bacon Cheeseburger with normal french fries.

Normal french fries was normal. 🙂
We wondered how the onion rings would be like, we could have ordered that instead.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

While we thought the chicken sandwich were not nice, the beef burgers were excellent. You have a bite and you would come back again.

If we order anything with a slice of bacon for MIL, she would be very happy with her food.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

FIL had the Omasake Cheeseburger. We ordered it with Sweet Potato Fries.
Oh, these Sweet Potato Fries were excellent. They were sweet and had a nice bite to it. Something that you can munch piece after piece after piece.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

There’s nothing Omasake about it. LOL….
The ingredients were all described. The special thing is the Omasake sauce it seems. The wife says maybe they should always put a secret different ingredient in it, that would make it more fun.

Dad loved the burger. All the burgers were done a very nice ‘medium’ doneness.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

The wife ordered the Deluxe Cheeseburger with Cheese Fries.

Oh, these cheese fries were so nice. Just like the sweet potato fries, we would keep picking more and more to indulge.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

The Deluxe Cheeseburger had grilled onions and mushrooms. The wife ordered it because she loves mushroom. She asked if I wanted to have a bite and I said yes, and ended up with 3 bites!

Compared to my chicken burger, this cheeseburger were so much better. Both of us thought it was really juicy. A bite into it and it’s minced meat just crumbles in your mouth. There’s no hint of dryness in it. Together with the cheese, tomato slice, onions and mushrooms, it was full of flavour. The few leaves of lettuce gave it a slight crunch as you bite into it.

Oh yes, the buns were really soft and had a nice aroma to it.
Something that we will be back for!

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

Above, our fried veggies! (potatoes are vegetables right?)
Different style of fried veggies. Our favourite, cheese and sweet potato fries.

Below, our fresh veggies!

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

MIL says we need veggies, so here’s the House Salad, full portion for us to share.
We had it with Sesame Soy which was quite nice.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

Oh… when I was picking up the drinks, we realised we should have ordered the fresh orange juice.
I call this the ‘Holiday Inn’ orange juicer. I see them in Holiday Inns when I travel. You drop oranges on top and it will automatically cut and press the juice out.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand

The damage. The receipt is to show that you will have to wait some time for your food.
Arrive around 12:15pm, orders taken at 12:21 pm.
Still new, so they will take some time to take your order and you pay for it at 12:27 pm.

Omasake Burger @ The Grandstand
Our buzzer vibrated at 12:49 pm.
So it’s not a fast food place. It was a 20 minute wait, we were with parents to catch up, so time passes rather quickly. As we were leaving, the place was so packed and we saw a foodie friend from HGW. He said he was told the wait time was around 40 mins.

We might be back to try the Oven Baked Parmesan Chicken that we heard from another friend who says it’s good. Hmm, the Omasake Chicken was quite disappointing so should I try that chicken again? The beef burgers were all superb!

We like this new burger place in our neighbourhood.

Omasake Burger
200 Turf Club Road
#01-05 The Grandstand
Singapore 287994

Tel: +65 6763 2698
Hours: 11 am to 10 pm daily

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