Mondays in Lyon @ db Bistro Moderne, Marina Bay Sands

The weekend has just ended, and we are all back at work. Some of us feel very energetic, I do! (because I do really love my day job and my colleagues) Some might feel so tired and lethargic after having a relaxing (or maybe hectic) weekend.

Food, some really nice good food at the end of Monday will bring you back to good spirits. db Bistro Moderne had Mondays in Provence few months ago. For the months of November and December, they are having “Mondays in Lyon”.  Lyon is Daniel Boulud’s hometown.

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
I always enjoy their in-house baked breads here.

“Mondays in Lyon” is a 3 course dinner set at $68/pax.
Available only on Mondays and ends on December.

If you add $32/pax, you will have a glass of red and a glass of white to pair with your meals.

Choice of Starters:

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Plateau de Charcuterie

You know that there’s different quality of cured meats, and the version here that I have tasted always taste very good. What was on the platter? Grainy mustard in the little cup, guinea fowl, parma ham, saucisson, duck proscuitto, duck terraine, foe gras with quiince, pickled turny and lomo.

If you really like this stuff, go with your date / partner / friends who love it and choose the same starter, they will put it all in a big platter. If you like to have choices, maybe choose the following…

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Soupe A L’Onion

Classic French Onion Soup with gruyere cheese. This beef based soup was so flavourful and it really warms you up. I am an ‘onion’ person, so I love this soup. They also top it up with a generous amount of gruyere.

If you try to make caramelized onions at home, you know how long you have to take to caramelized the onions properly to a decent colour.

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Salade Lyonnaise

Of course they will have the Lyon Salad since the menu is based on food from Lyon!

This will be the wife’s favourite. The thing she loves are all in it! (She’s a salad person).
It’s frisee salad, chicken livers that’s done just nice, thick pieces of fried bacon, poached egg that you can break the yolk to let it flow…, croutons, mustard and carrot dressing.

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
If you opt for the wine addition, you will be delighted with the Les Laurelles 2010.

Choice of Mains:

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Cabilleaud Poche

If you are a fish person, you will love the poached cod and fish mousse quenelles they serve here.

The cod was so tender yet still firm, it had been poached so nicely. Fish mousse quenelles (the two light brown thing beside the cod above) might remind you of our fish cakes, but it’s softer and tastier than fish cakes. It’s something well known in Lyon.

It’s served with Nantua sauce, a classic seafood sauce made from shellfish and cream.The sauce has been so well prepared, you would not want to waste any of it!

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Poulet Au Vinaigre

Oh, the sauce from this dish was so so good, that I can’t get enough of it. When everyone was done, I discreetly scoop more sauce that was still on the serving platter and put 1 or 2 more mouthful into my mouth! I wonder how long they must have been cooking to get this reduction. (A French chef from the restaurant at the 70th floor who recently taught me cooking said that it’s not possible to create a decent sauce if you have less than 1 hour).

It’s hard for me to describe the sauce, it was creamy, a nice fragrance that’s smoky but not burnt, a nice umami flavour that you get from the cherry tomatoes and overall a nice acidity that makes you want to pour it over rice. It’s a good thing that they served it with rice.

Did you realise I describe the taste of the sauce first? It was so nice, I remembered it most. The chicken was nicely done. The use of cherry tomatoes gave it a nice twist too. 

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
The chicken dish was served with Tarragon Rice Pilaf.

Nice, fluffy basmati rice that had been nicely flavoured. It’s so good on its own you don’t need the chicken to go with it. It was made better with the chicken and the sauce.

Talking about the chicken, I asked the service staff what chicken they used. She came back and said that chef said that it’s French born chicken that has been raised in Malaysia. They live a happy carefree / free range live and finally get slaughtered and served in Singapore.

(My aunt told me they sell these French born, Malaysia farmed chicken in a few supermarkets now as well, I have not seen it, it’s probably sold out when I visit supermarkets at night!)

Chicken lovers should try this dish!

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Gratin de Cardons “Dauphinois”.

If you are vegetarian, there’s always a vegetarian dish on the menu.
It’s cardoon and potato gratin, mushroom Fricassee, fresh herbs. What’s a cardoon, we had to google while eating and found out it’s related to artichokes. It looks simple and boring, but it does pack a punch!

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
With the wine add-on, you also have a glass of Les Cranilles 2010.

Choice of Desserts:

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Ile Floattante

Meaning Floating Island,  it’s poached meringue. Poaching it makes it so soft and still firm. It’s served with Vanilla Creme Anglaise and topped with pink pralines.

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Coupe Chocolat Et Marron

Chocolate lovers will like this. It was 3 scoops of ice cream. 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream and 1 scoop of dark chocolate. Since Valrhona originated from near Lyon, they used Valrhona chocolates!

An interesting add on to the ice cream is the candied chestnut. I wonder if it’s the Marron Glace, which I think it is, did not ask them while we were eating. I assume it is since it’s from Lyon as well.

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Apple Tarte Fine 

Oh look at the layers of puff pastry! It’s so pretty isn’t it?
That’s apple compote at the top right of the photo and a scoop of really strong Cognac ice cream.

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
I just had to take another photo of it. I like how the layers on the side shows up when you cut through it.

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon
Oh yes, the famous and every delightful Madeleines. If you behave and be nice, you might get a complimentary treat. *smile*

db Bistro Moderne - Mondays in Lyon

It’s nice to see Chef Stephane Istel again. He’s such a jovial fella. I guess a happy team with him makes happy food that all will enjoy.

It’s Monday today and if you are game for a little adventure to Lyon via your tastebuds tonight, pick up your phone and make your reservation now. It’s a very nice 3-course meal that is less than a hundred dollars and it’s something I am sure you will enjoy. I sure enjoyed the meal.

Mondays in Lyon is offered at $68 per person. For an additional $32, pair the menu with regional wines. If you want to try this special menu, go tonight. The next two Mondays left for the month, they will be having Christmas and New Year’s eve menus. 

Looking forward to the next Mondays in _____ I wonder which city in France will it be!

db Bistro Moderne
B1-48 Galleria Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (across from the theater)
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972

Tel: +65 6688 8525
Lunch: Monday to Friday: Noon to 5pm
Weekend Brunch :  Saturday – Sunday: 11AM – 5PM
Dinner : Sunday & Monday: 5:30pm to 10PM, Tuesday – Saturday: 5:30PM – 11PM

A note of thanks to Philicia and Elzena of Marina Bay Sands for the invitation to taste the food. 

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