Wooloomooloo Steakhouse @ Level 3, Swissotel the Stamford

If you have noticed, there’s a recent opening of a few reputable steak house from overseas here in the last few months. You would probably have already heard of Wooloomooloo, which is a very Australian aboriginal sounding name.

Wooloomooloo is named after a suburb in Sydney called Woolloomooloo, Australia, but the spelling for this restaurant is easier to remember than the town with one less L.

Would it surprise you that Wooloomooloo has it’s origin in Hong Kong where it is known for their steaks.

In case you are wondering where it is located, if you remember Patara Thai, Wooloomooloo took over the space.

Firstly, this was an invited tasting by Wooloomooloo hosted by their PR, Sixth Sense Comm.
Thanks to them for providing much of the info I have here.

For wine lovers, there’s over 150 labels in their wine list. You can see them as you enter the restaurant and walk along the corridor that’s behind the lounge. It has all been picked by Noel Emmanuel the General Manager and Jack Fraser the Restaurant Manager & Sommelier.

The collection has both Old and New World wines as well as Champagnes and Sparkling Wines.

If you purchase $2500 worth of wines, you can own a locker for yourself for a year.
We saw this when we walked around and there are more on the first photo at the entrance where there’s a personalised brass plate with the name of the wine locker holder.

One of the mocktails I had.

Wooloomooloo Signature Martini ($19)

The Signature Martini is made from VOX vodka, apple schnapps, fresh mint, grapefruit and apple juice.

For the tasting dinner we had the following:


Tuna and Spanner Crab Tartare ($29)

For those who like cold and creamy and yet chunky textured appetizers, this is a nice choice for a starter. It’s really something that will stimulate your appetite for more to come. A slight hint of horseradish is added to tease your taste buds.

The base of it is creamy avocado cubes with tangy orange slices. Right above it, sweet Australian spanner crab and cubed yellow fin tuna sashimi. On top of it all, some creme fraiche and salmon roe.

Spanish Ham Selection ($38)

We were served Jamón Ibérico that has different curing time. The 20-24 months aged and 30-36 months aged. You should try both and see the difference. It also comes with sundried tomatoes, olives, stuffed piquillo peppers, artichokes and foccacia sticks.

It’s an acquired taste. I remembered I was quite put off by it because I saw the bloody legs of ham in Spain years ago, the smell during the curing was so off-putting. As I tried more good quality ones, I began to enjoy it. The ones here are quite good!

If you don’t enjoy cured meats, you might want to order the next appetizer we had.

Jumbo Prawn Cocktail ($29)

The usual serving size is 4. We had 5 because it was a tasting for 5 persons that night. One of the most ordered appetizers in the branches in Hong Kong.

The prawns were really huge. It’s so easy to eat because it has been deveined and shelled. The dipping sauce is rather unique tasting. The sauce has horseradish, sweet chilli and worschester sauce in it.

Side Orders

We also tried a few of their side orders. French Fries, Sauteed Kipfler Potatoes and Creamy Corn. The sides range from $12 to $16 each.

I particularly like the French Fries. The thick cut fries somehow was so good! I found the creamy corn a tad salty.  I can’t appreciate the Kipfler Potatoes or rather most kinds of potatoes, not my type of food. (except when they are made into fries!)

Another side we had was the Grilled Asparagus ($16)


150-Day Grain Fed USDA Prime Rib Eye, 12-ounce. $74

We were to treated to 2 different steaks that night. Of the 2 steaks, I enjoyed this USDA Prime Rib Eye better than the Australian Tomahawk. The meat was more tender and juicy compared to the other.

No photo to show you how it looked inside. We all quickly too photos and devoured our food!

All the steaks served here comes with 4 homemade sauces – Red Wine Madeira, Au Jus, Peppercorn and Mushroom. They were all so nice that we were dipping our fries in these sauces!

There are also four types of gourmet mustards to go with your meat. Dijon, English, Granary and Green Peppercorn.

70-Day Grain Fed Australian Young Black Angus Tomahawk. ($125)

Oh wow, look at the size of it. I think of Fred Flintstone when I saw this.

The Tomahawk is meant for 2. If you are a super meat eater, you probably can devour this yourself. This whole slab of meat with the bone weighs between 1.1kg to 1.3kg. Huge ya?
It’s served medium rare after 20 minutes in the broiler.

I feel like eating this right now as I look at these photos again. It was also juicy and tender. Somehow comparing the two, I can’t really pick out why I prefer the USDA Rib Eye to this.

It’s a huge piece of meat, so some parts are more charred than the rest, we were quite surprised that ours that night was quite evenly cooked. I guess the kitchen processes and skills have improved since opening. They are getting used to the broiler now and can control it well now.


Pavlova ($18)

What a beautiful dessert right? The way we were told to eat this is to have almost everything you see in one spoon. You need to put a little of everything in your mouth. That way you can have a balance of sweetness and sourness in your mouth.

Bread and Butter Pudding ($16)

This looks so beautiful too. I must confessed I like the ice cream on top.
I am not a huge fan of bread and butter pudding. I was long ago until I ate too much of it during uni days and suddenly stopped having it.

There are 11 desserts to choose from if you are wondering. I want to bring the wife back here to try their signature Apple Crumble. Heard that it’s quite good.


The kitchen is an open theatre concept kitchen. You can opt to sit nearer to the kitchen if you enjoy looking at the culinary team going all busy preparing your food.

There’s a reason why people go to Steakhouses to have their steak. How many people in Singapore have a kitchen big enough to install these huge broilers in their homes?

The steaks are broiled at 980 degrees Celsius inside these broilers. The outside of the meat is cooked almost instantly creating a layer that seals in the juices.

It was rather interesting watching the chefs preparing the meat. They were looking at the meat and lowering and adjusting the height of the ‘sliding’ layer. Like someone driving a manual car!

Different steakhouse use their preferred brand of broilers. For some of you gadget maniacs, the ones they use here are the Southbend broilers from the USA.

Wooloomooloo serves reasonably priced set lunches from noon to 2.30 pm on Weekdays.
Set lunch is priced at $36++, $38++, $42++ depending on the choice of main course.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse
2 Stamford Road
Level 3, Swissotel the Stamford
Singapore 178882

Tel: 6338 0261
Hours: Lunch 12 pm – 2.30 pm / Dinner 6.30 pm – 11 pm
Bar hour openings, please check their website.

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