Chocolato @ Joo Chiat Road

We were visiting a friend who got a new place at the Joo Chiat area. A very nice and cosy place in a very relaxed neighborhood too! After chatting a while, we went walking around the area before we head off for a makan outing.

Jon our friend says he has been addicted to this gelato place and thinks we would all love it. He’s very right.


We found out some bad and good news though. The bad news to Jon and the nearby residents, they are moving out of Joo Chiat.

The good news for the rest of us, they are moving to a more central location! (My memory is getting bad, I think it’s the Cantonment area if I remembered them correctly)


So many flavours. Jon said that the pistachio is good.

I glanced around and noticed that they are a chocolate place. (The name tells it! haha). It seems they are one of the few companies in Singapore that offers chocolates from single source cocoa beans.

(go do an online search about single source cocoa if you are interested)


This lady (no she said she’s not the boss) is a funny lady.

Jon must have been there so often, the lady insist on serving him. She asked the younger boy to serve me instead. Jon’s a handsome chap and the lady calls him my Handsome Boy No. 1.

We had 3 other ladies with us, and when they say only one handsome or pretty one around,  she said to me: “OK lah, you are number 2. First time here, cannot be No. 1.”

She looked at me again, ya, not as handsome as Jon, but can lah, I give you a No 1 title. No. 1A ok? First position still to Jon. *roll eyes*


I had the Dark Chocolate and Pistachio.
Yup, the chocolate was quite intense, the choc bitterness that I like and some sweetness to it.

The pistachio, oh, how do you describe pistachio? Go to their shop and ask for a sampling!

Texture wise, it might look rough on the photo, but it was really smooth and creamy when it touches your tongue. The sweetness according to my taste buds is just nice for me.

(Maybe I should invest in a refractometer and bring it to all the ice cream and desserts places that I go to so that I can give a scientific measurement of sweetness to my posts!)


You can also order a waffle cone if you like cones.

Shh… we realised something amongst the 5 of us.
If you are on a diet, opt for the cone, it has less gelato in it. (Get the hint?)

154 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427432

Tel: 6497 7358

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