2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT @ Bukit Timah

For folks who likes to cook or those who likes to buy gadgets, plates, cups, cutlery etc… you should be familiar with Sia Huat (in Chinatown) and also ToTT (at the Sime Darby building in Bukit Timah). For those not familiar with these two names, they are both the same company, but ToTT is the more organised and comfortable to walk around version. ToTT also happens to be the largest kitchenware and tableware retail store in Asia.

I must confess, I have a weakness for gadgets, both IT and Kitchen gadgets. If not for the ladies at home, I would have spent my money on all sorts of gadgets. I have been eye-ing the Thermomix and the Sous Vide machine for the longest time, but I can’t justify buying it because I know I won’t use it as much as I would! (I can’t find an excuse for the ladies at home too)

My last big ticket purchase was the $581 (retail price, but I bought it during the birthday month so there’s some discount) Venetto Ice Cream machine from ToTT. (by the way, it’s on sale at $465 now! arghh..) It’s on the kitchen table top and the ladies at home are always asking, how many times have I used it? No more new toys, the money would have been better use to buy them shoes, at least it’s worn more times! (what logic is that?)

If you are ToTT Store’s Facebook fan, you would have read about the 2nd Anniversary Celebrations. Last Saturday’s Straits Time also had a huge advertisement about it.

For last year’s celebration, I paid for 2 tickets to send my mum and my aunt to Sam Leong’s cooking class, so that they can come back and cook for me! (Actually, they are Sam Leong’s fans!)

This year, I got an email to attend a complimentary class, courtesy of FoodNews, their PR company. I took a look at Classes Listing, and I quickly zoomed in on the Sous Vide session! You can see that I still want that machine. Since I don’t have permission from the wife to buy it yet, I might as well see it in action first ya?

There is a list of Anniversary Special classes that’s only $28/$38 and there’s a $20 ToTT voucher given to you too!

This was held last Saturday. (6 October 2012)

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT
The Anniversary Special classes are only Demo Sessions, ie not hands-on sessions.
The Sous Vide: Art of Culinary Precision class I attended was conducted by Chef Xu Tianmu.

There were young and old attending the classes. The older folks were the one that is more vocal and funny too! They told Chef Xu that they were already almost buying the machine, it’s up to you to convince us by the food you prepare! No good food, they won’t buy!

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT
The machines that says it wants to follow me home…..
This is the bigger sized version, the smaller size version with the sealer is on sale!

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT
Chef Xu represents Singapore in cooking competition, and his Chef uniform reminds me of F1 Driver’s! All the endorsement on it! Ain’t it cool?

Chef Xu said his dad prefers his cooking compared to his mum’s! He said that his dad will tell the mum, aiya, ask the son to cook lah, taste so much better and satisfying!

He shared two recipes with us:
1. Sous Vide Half Boiled Egg with Mushroom Ragout.
2. Sous Vide Seabass with Soy Sauce.

Sous Vide Half Boiled Egg with Mushroom Ragout

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT
The eggs that was already sitting in around 70 degrees Celsius for an hour or so….
He told us, the beauty of it is that these eggs can sit for even an hour more and it will still be the same outcome. It won’t overcook!

While the eggs were cooking, he prepared the mushroom ragout.

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT
Chef assembling the eggs for us! Doesn’t it look cute? Like orange ping pong balls!

This was not the Ramen kind of Tamago with runny yolk. He said it can be done too, but not in this demo. 😉

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT
To ‘atas-ify’ the dish a bit, some trout caviar!

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT
It was delicious! I am a mushroom fan and having these mushroom cooked in cream, butter and garlic and simmered with a bay leaf, it’s so awesome!

The egg was so soft, yes, very ‘Ya Kun’ as Chef says it, only more technically perfect!
What a nice combination!

Sous Vide Sea-bass with Soy Sauce

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT
The Seabass that has been vacuumed packed, ready to slowly simmer in the water.

The fish has been in the hot bath before the session started, so that we could taste it during the 1 hour plus session.

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT

Chef Xu was showing us how to make the perfect Soy Sauce for the fish while the fish was cooking.
Go attend his session, think there’s a same one on the Class Timetable.

After the sauce’s ready, Chef Xu’s taking out the packs of sea-bass from the Sous Vide machine.

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT

Cutting the packs and draining off excess water and putting it on a tray.

It’s so sad that the plastic can’t be reused, I read online that people are finding alternatives, using Silicon Bags instead.

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT

Putting some garnishing on the sea-bass and a pot of hot oil is being heated on the stove.

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT

The secrets to the delicious fish, a splash of hot oil over the fish, and the specially mixed soy sauce.

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT

Come to think of it, it looks so simple. Looking at Chef Xu prepare the meal, it’s really no sweat! The proteins cooking slowly in the machine, and it won’t overcook because the temp had been set. You can take your time to assemble it.

2nd Anniversary Cooking Class at ToTT

The fish was really soft and tender. The soy sauce’s really good too. It’s a balanace of sweetness and saltiness, and it has been made more aromatic with a big bunch of coriander and spring onions. (There you go, the secret ingredients.)

We can do this at home using traditional methods like steaming and then pouring hot oil and the sauce over. I was there to see how the machine works and also to learn tricks and methods from the chef.

Lots of courses over at the http://www.tottstore.com website.
Go take a look!

The wife, sis and 2 other friends were outside waiting for me, and guess what? They got so tempted by the things on sale, and bought lots of stuff! There’s a really quite a good sale going on now!

ToTT Store
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01-01A (Sime Darby Building)
Singapore 589472

Store Operating Hours:
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Sat, Sun & PH: 10:00am – 9:00pm

Bistro Operating Hours:
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Tel: 62197077

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