Saboten @ Changi Airport Terminal 1

I was at Changi Airport taking quite a few flights the last few weeks. A few times to receive people, I have been taking a few flights out from Changi Airport too.

KopiKosongGirl works in the Suntec area and she has been telling me Saboten is really nice. We have noticed the branch at Terminal 1 and have been wanting to try it. Just the other day, I had a flight to catch and I arrived early. After checking in, I still had time and I thought I would grab some dinner, it was a short budget flight with no food after all.

Sabotan @ Changi Airport Terminal 1
I went up the escalator and I saw this. I looked at my watch and it’s before 6 pm. Looks like a very good offer!

I ordered it. I usually order pork but I thought I will try the chicken this time. For $12, it’s quite a good deal isn’t it?

Sabotan @ Changi Airport Terminal 1
The almost all Filipino service staff were quite efficient. Got me a table pronto and since I already knew what I wanted, I said, the deal on the big poster outside. 🙂

A huge bowl of sliced cabbage was served in a jiffy. (Like most airport eating place, most people have a plane to catch!) There were two sauces, sesame and yuzu vinaigrette. I tried both and I prefer the sesame one.

Sabotan @ Changi Airport Terminal 1
The mix of black and white sesame to be grounded. The sauce for the fried chicken katsu later.

Sabotan @ Changi Airport Terminal 1
Three scoops of it with the grounded sesame was the instructions when I asked.
I like that bamboo scoop!

Sabotan @ Changi Airport Terminal 1
The chicken katsu was nice! It was so crisp and fluffy outside and the meat was nice too.
It was so easy to eat and bite because the chicken was so tender. Be careful, it’s really really hot!

I had 30 minutes for the whole meal, so I had enough time to eat slowly.
The big bowl of cabbage, I only ate half of it, I was being considerate to my neighbors on the plane later. You know cabbage causes lots of gas right?

Sabotan @ Changi Airport Terminal 1
When I thought I was done, I asked for the bill. I was told there’s still green tea ice cream.
Oh wow, ice cream too! You can see it’s taken straight out from the freezer all pre-portioned and left in the freezer. It was nice though.

Quite a nice warm meal that’s considered cheap in the airport.
Oh yes, for those who are collecting Changi Rewards points, your meal here gets you some points too. The machine that day was not working so I could not get the points though. (sigh!)

Changi Airport Terminal 1 (Public Area)
Viewing Mall Level 3

Tel: + 65 6214 9504
Hours: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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