Maison Ikkoku Bar @ Kandahar Street

Some people leave office on the dot so they can pick up their kids.  Many of my colleagues do that!

Some leave work on the dot so that they can go exercise. I know more people doing this!

Some others have to work late because everyone in their company stay back just to show they are hardworking! It’s true, I have friends that work in such company!

Some others leave work to meet up and enjoy a drinks of two with their friends or colleagues to network or to catch up. If you are in this category, lucky you! 

Here’s one place that recently opened that might interest you.

Maison Ikkoku BarMaison Ikkoku Bar
(These 2 photos courtesy of Maison Ikkoku)

Maison Ikkoku recently opened up their Bar on the 3rd floor of the shophouse they occupy. It’s 1000 sq feet in area space with a seating capacity for 45 pax. It has a nice cosy indoor place and a ‘roof top’ outdoor area too.

I was there recently to try out some of their MI Signature Cocktails.

Maison Ikkoku Bar - MI2 Passionate Moment
MI2 – Passionate Moment is the name of this drink.

The server came and took out a lighter. The sprig of rosemary was set a flame. It’s to extract the flavour of the herb. I can only smell a bit of it! LOL!

Maison Ikkoku Bar - MI2 Passionate Moment
MI2 Passionate Moment is made from Fresh Passionfruit, Lemon, Rosemary, Gin, Vodka ($22).
It’s made from Freshly Squeezed Juices! You might it’s fruit juices when you have it until the alcohol hits you!

Maison Ikkoku Bar - MI1 White French Maid

MI1 White French Maid is another of their signature MI cocktails. It’s concocted with Coffee Liquor, French Caramel Liquor, Vodka, Fresh Milk and Coffee Beans ($25).

See the layers? The top layer of fresh milk that has been froth up and ‘burnt’ using a torch has a texture like marshmallows!

I am not much of a coffee person nor an alcoholic but KopiKosongGirl is! It’s her kind of drink with alcohol added in! Coffee bean’s the same one they used to brew their coffee on the ground floor.

Maison Ikkoku Bar - Mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong
The cocktail bar is helmed by Director of Bar Operations and Mixologies, Ethan Leslie Leong. He has over 18 years of experience in the food & beverage/hospitality industry as a bartender, consultant and mixologist.

Here he is mixing another glass of MI1 White French Maid.

Maison Ikkoku Bar - Mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong
We were chatting and I was looking at how Ethan made the drink.
That’s not fresh cream, but fresh milk that has been froth up!

Maison Ikkoku Bar - The Fabulous DianaV
The Fabulous DianaV ($25)

MI’s mixologist Ethan has collaborated with three personalities to come up with their own bespoke cocktails.

– Renowned Show Producer Daniel Boey
– Award-winning Art Director Justin Long
– Home-grown singer-songwriter Aarika Lee

Looking at the ingredients of the drinks, I had Daniel Boey’s The Fabulous DianaV. Ingredients were Red apple, Mint, Gin, Pomegranate, Lemon, Apple Liquor and Menthe-Pastile. It’s nice!

These cocktails available for a limited time from now till October 2012 and each is priced at $25.

Maison Ikkoku Bar - Spam Fries
One of the interesting snack I had with the drinks is the Spam Fries!
Ooo, so salty and yet to addictive!

Maison Ikkoku Cocktail Bar
20 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198885

Mon – Thu (6pm – 1am)
Fri, Sat and Eve of Public Holiday (6pm – 2am).
Closed on Sun.

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