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McDonald’s East Coast Park

Probably the McDonald’s that most people in Singapore have visited at least once in their lifetime!
It’s a place to grab a drink and some air-con after a run, cycling or skating.
A place to seek refuge when you are at East Coast Park and it rains!

It’s also the first Drive-Thru, the first Skate-Thru, the first 24 hours outlet in Singapore too!

McDonald's East Coast Park Singapore

Today’s the last day where McDonald’s operating here at Marina Cove.

This morning, KopiKosongGirl and I was traveling to Bedok on the ECP to celebrate a friend’s kid’s 1st birthday. Guess what we did? We detour and thought we would have a last meal here!

I saw a colleague from work too and he said: “having a last meal here too”?

McDonald's East Coast Park Singapore

It was crowded, very crowded!
It has been a long time since I was here, I am more of the West Coast Park McDonalds person since it opened and my favourite is probably King Albert Park.

McDonald's East Coast Park Singapore

KKG and I were surprised that there was a board McDonald’s fans put message on it!

McDonald's East Coast Park Singapore

Probably the most interesting ‘piece’ we saw on the board!

McDonald's East Coast Park Singapore

Probably the only McDonald’s that when it moves, has a farewell party!

McDonald's East Coast Park Singapore

Oh…. If you are up early on a Sunday morning at 8 AM, head to this branch!
There’s gonna be a McDonald’s “Walk With Us” from the East Coast Park branch to the new East Coast Seafood Centre branch!

First 500 there gets a goodie bag and Ronald McDonald would lead the walk!
There’s also special appearance by Birdie, Grimace and Hamburglar too! (Remember them?)

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