Freshness Burger @ The Central, Clarke Quay

Since the arrival of Freshness Burger in Singapore, many folks have been raving about it. My colleagues and I decided to try it out to see.

Freshness Burger

We saw on their website that they have a few branches. We went to the branch nearest to us, which is at The Central, just above Clarke Quay MRT Station. When we got there, we had a trouble looking for it! We walked around the inside of the building. Ask the security guard who gave us a blank look.

We finally found it. It’s facing Eu Tong Set Street. The entrance is ‘outside’.  If you are inside the the mall, you won’t be able to find it!

Freshness Burger

Healthy meals? If you have been reading about them, they advertise themselves as “Fresh and Organic”. We were curious to find out!

Freshness Burger - Flowers on each table

It has this cafe feel. On each table, there was a tiny vase with fresh bright flowers! This little touch really cheer people up and make waiting more bearable. Yes, be prepared to wait for your burger!

You place your order at the counter and after paying, you will be served your drinks first together with a plastic tag with your order number. We noticed there was this lady who was walking around clearing the tables and at the same time arranging the plastic order tag to face outside every 20 seconds or so! (So that the servers can see the number easily) Every time you touch it, she will come back and rearrange it neatly. They employed a perfectionist with obsession for tidiness! We found it hilarious.

Avocado Salad

Freshness Burger - Avocado Salad

One of our colleague HY, who is the ultra healthy type ordered the Avocado Salad. Lots of red juicy tomatoes on top the chunky avocado pieces. Those bits on top are onions. HY said the salad was nice.

Tofu Burger

Freshness Burger - Tofu Burger

HY also ordered the Tofu Burger. It was a piece of soft tofu instead of a meat patty. It looks nice but it is almost impossible to eat it like a usual burger. It was too soft!

HY said luckily she had the fork from the salad. She ate it layer by layer using the fork. Other than the mess, she said she enjoyed her burger.

Classic WW Burger

Freshness Burger - Classic WW Burger

Another colleague, ET who has been eating here and said the only thing to order here is the Classic WW Burger. He said it’s the best tasting burger here and the only one that would fill you up.

We soon found out why. Our burgers were puny! His burger was the largest. If you want to be feel full, you got to order this expensive – $10.90 burger. You get a double patty and double cheese as well.

Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger - Freshness Burger

I ordered the burger named after the shop. Freshness Burger. ($6.80 – set meal with fries and a small drink) I am sorry to say, it’s a bit too healthy for my liking. It’s non greasy and a very healthy tasting patty. 

It’s also quite small. The tomato slice was thick though. From the photo, you can see the size of the burger is about the same as the circumference of the tomato 🙂

You should try the bun though. Probably something  you would not get elsewhere. The bun’s yellowish because it’s made with pumpkin! We wondered if all the burgers are like that so we flipped each others burger and realized not every burger had the pumpkin bun.

Teriyaki Burger

Freshness Burger - Teriyaki Burger

A colleague who many of you might know him as Old Cat ordered the Teriyaki Burger complained! He kept complaining about the size. (He said ‘jiak buay pa’!)

We did not ask him how it tasted, but we could tell that he liked it. (judging from his smile while he was eating it). It does look very puny doesn’t it?

Fried Potatoes

Freshness Burger - Fried Potatoes from Hokkaido Farms

Most of us ordered set meals. It came with a side, which was the ‘fried potatoes’ and a drink. On their website, they stated that their potatoes are from their farm in Hokkaido.

How special? It was rather healthy tasting, i.e. not very oily. I found it a bit plain because I think no or very little salt was used. I don’t eat enough potatoes to tell the difference from usual one. Guys and gals who are watching their weight can have this.

The drinks

Freshness Burger - Drinks

The hot drinks come in a very nice cup! I liked the sugar cubes! It reminds me of sugus!

Freshness Burger - Drinks

My set came with a softdrink.

Freshness Burger - Yuja Cha

HY had the Yuja Cha. (Citron./Yuzu Tea)
She said it was good. We should have ordered this instead of our soft drinks!

So did what did we think of this place? The burgers are OK, but they are too small. They taste healthy, so it’s for those who prefer healthier burgers. If you are into meaty, stronger flavour burgers, go elsewhere.

Be prepared to wait too. They say it’s because they only start making it after you placed your order. Many places do that too. (If you don’t know, McDonald’s burger are also made when you order it for some time now. Subway is made to order and it is quite fast too.)

Just don’t think of them as fast food, but a sit down cafe, then your perception of it might be better. We like how the restaurant looked. It was calming and relaxing. The flowers on each table was a nice touch.

We would like to try the ones in Japan to compare. Heard that it’s a bit different. The ones here probably suited to local taste?

Freshness Burger
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#01-30 The Central
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6222 2528

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