Botan Japanese Restaurant @ Far East Square

This was eaten during Chinese New Year. These photos had been hibernating in my SD card for the longest time.

Remember the Royal Caribbean Cruise bloggers? We all met up at and had dinner during Chinese New Year. Wondering where to go, we got a recommendation from the RC folk whom office is near Far East Square.

We went to Botan Japanese Restaurant, a nice little place which serves really fresh and good Japanese food and doesn’t burnt the pockets too! If you are coming during lunch time, prepare to wait for the queue is very long! Dinner might be a good time to come!

As I blog about this now, I am thinking this place is a gem!

Sashimi Platter 

Botan Japanese Restaurant

Since it was Chinese New Year, we asked the service staff if they serve Yu Sheng. The lady told us: “Sorry, we don’t have Yu Sheng here”. If we are really interested, they can come up with something. They have done that before for other customers. We said sure, bring it on!

Botan Japanese Restaurant

The huge portion of delicious looking sashimi rested on a bed of shredded cabbage.  Looks good. Then for the 黄金满地 (huang jin man di), these folks cleverly used tempura bits! (which is I repeat, so clever because they were so tasty! How many of you love tempura bits too?)

They also had a sauce which was really good. Pardon me, I can’t remember exactly how it tasted to describe it now.

Botan Japanese Restaurant

Pardon this photo. It was taken using the camera phone so it’s dark and grainy.

We had a great time LO-ing! The usual shouting of auspicious phrases. I think we nearly went a bit mad because there is this fellow (you can guess who right?) amongst us that are very ‘gao xiao’. (funny man).

But since it’s good grade sashimi, we were careful not to waste it! Not a piece of sashimi was wasted in the sashimi melee.

Botan Japanese Restaurant

Look at the sashimi! All ready to be devoured.

If you are with your usual friends, fellow diners would have poke their chopsticks into the dish right after the Lo-Hei. But since the 10 of us were bloggers, you guessed it! No one touched it! Everyone put down the chopsticks and out came the cameras! Everyone was taking a long long time taking photos!

(The food bloggers were quick, a few snaps and we are ready to eat, but the rest were beauty bloggers, travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, alamak they were busy talking to sashimi, telling the sashimi to smile, pose, apply make up. LOL)

It was good. It was not expensive too! Less than $20 for this! Look at the amount of sashimi there was!

Kaisen Don

Botan Japanese Restaurant

I was craving for sashimi that night and ordered the Kaisen Don ($20) for my personal meal.
It had quite a lot of sashimi! I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it!

Botan Japanese Restaurant

Tuna, squid, salmon. Topped with two different kinds of fish roes.
The set comes with miso soup too. It was very filling! Made me a really happy man!

I took photos of the other sets, but I shall not post it since I did not eat it.
I am sure you will be able to view those photos on the other bloggers blog. 😉

Botan Japanese Restaurant
36 Pekin Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Singapore 048766
Tel: 6536 4404
Hours: Mon–Sat: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10pm

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