Jumbo @ Dempsey Hill

It was Momo’s mum’s birthday and we had a celebration at Jumbo at Dempsey.

Momo chosed to bring her mum to Jumbo because the mum has been talking about crabs.
Satisfy the mum’s cravings and you will have a peace at home. (That’s a cheeky statement by me!) It was a great dinner with Momo and her parents.

Remember to book if you are planning to come here. The Dempsey area is getting more and more popular. We could not get a seat in the main air con area and got seated at the ‘verandah’ area of the old colonial house.

Here’s what we ate.

*** Sambal Kangkong ***

Sambal Kangkong

Of all the choices of vegetables, we still like sambal kangkong. Why do people like sambal kankong so much? I have no idea. But we simply adore it.

*** Deep Fried Red Tilapia with Nonya Style ***

Nonya style Deep Fried Fish

It was a choice of either steam or deep fried. In the end, deep fried was chosen because deep frying is something most of us don’t do at home. Most of us steam fish at home to avoid too much cleaning up!

Also if you choose the deep fried version, we get to see the ‘standing’ fish! It was so crispy you can practically bite the whole fish! The nonya sauce was great with it too.

*** Slow Bake Chrysanthemum Pork Ribs in reduction of Jin Hua Ham ***

Individual Pork Ribs

The name of the dish: Slow Bake Chrysanthemum Pork Ribs in reduction of Jin Hua Ham is such a mouthful! The ribs were served in individual portions. The ribs were big and tasty and really fragrant. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

But somehow I did not really enjoy eating it as I should. I think there is something that do not agree with my taste buds. I think it’s something in the sauce, because I like pork ribs.

*** Jumbo’s Chilli Crabs ***

Jumbo's Chilli Crab

When we ordered this dish, they asked if we would like the Australian version of crabs or something. Can’t really remember, but we said we would have the usual Sri Lankan crabs.

The dish to please the mum. Spicy and sweetish sauce really whets your appetite. How many of you love soaking up the sauce with the deep fried man tou? Crabs and Carbs seems to go hand in hand eh?

*** Avocado Pudding ***

Avocado Pudding

We were not going to eat desserts because we were already so full. Somehow when the serving staff said, you want to try a new dessert, avocado pudding, momo’s eyes lit! Glutton girl.

*** Orh Nee ***

Yam Paste Dessert

This was ordered for her mum. Her mum loves Orh Nee.

Happy Birthday Aunty!

Jumbo Seafood @ Dempsey
11 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249673

Tel: 6479 3435
Web: www.jumboseafood.com.sg

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