Adventure on the Legend of the Seas – Part IV: Going vegetarian on board

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*** Some behind the scenes shots ***

This is my 4th post about the Royal Caribbean Cruise. Holidaying on a cruise can be so fun and entertaining. Since I took so many shots of my new friends hard at ‘work’, I shall post a few of them here.

Bloggers at work

Yee Leong ( hard at work.
Visit his blog if you can read Chinese.

Bloggers at work

Darren ( and his super big lense!
Cherie uses an iPhone4 to take photos! An iPhone blogger! (

Bloggers at work

Eunice ( has this ‘white’ camera that you can’t miss.
Calvin ( uses the Canon S90/S95 that momo uses too.

Bloggers at work

Catherine ( has this huge flash that makes her photos superb! She fixed her flash on my camera once and wow the photos comes out so nice even in dim areas!

*** Vegetarians, there’s a vegetarian menu on board too! ***

If you are a vegetarian and wonder if they serve decent vegetarian food on the cruise, the answer is yes! I was quite impressed with the vegetarian food served too.

In fact, for one of the nights, I ordered everything listed as ‘vegetarian’ on the menu, even the desserts! It was rather tasty and I shall just tempt you with the vegetarian dishes for this post.

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

If you like your bread, which by the way was freshly baked daily on board the ship, they provide a good selection. You can have your bread plain like how I usually have it or you can dip it in Olive Oil mixed with Balsamic Vinegar.


Some like their bread with butter. They use the US brand Grassland here. It’s good to note that the ingredients only has cream and salt. Nothing that only a chemist will understand.

* Vidalia Onion Tart *

Vidalia Onion Tart (Vegetarian)

This is sweet vidalia onions combined with nutty Gruyere cheese, then baked in a buttery crust, served with leek fondue and sauteed red pappers.

The description on the menu already makes you salivate doesn’t it? A nice tart for a starter.

Vidalia onions are unusually sweet onions grown in Georgia, USA. Only onions that is grown in certain areas in Georgia can be called Vidalia onions. (Just like Champagne from France)

* Grilled Mediterranean Quesadilla *

Grilled Mediterranean Quesadilla (Vegetarian)

Melted Monterey Jack cheese and vegetable sandwiched in a warm tortilla and served with a tomato-cilantro salsa.

This stuff was really good, not only I said it, the rest who ate it says it was good too!

Just for fun: Tortilla is pronounced tor-TEE-yah.

* Strawberry Pavlova *

Strawberry Pavlova (Vegetarian)

Crispy meringue coated with fresh cream and topped with strawberry compote.
Sweet and delightful!

* Spinach Salad *

Spinach Salad (Vegetarian)

Fresh spinach leaves with plum tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and toasted sunflower seeds.
It looks so good doesn’t it?

There you go, vegetarian options on the menu and the vegetarian selection changes daily too. Interesting selection right? Now, where can I get Vidalia Onions in Singapore? I feel like having that tart now!

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