Christmas Dinner @ Home

Let me wish all a very Blessed Christmas!

We had our Christmas Dinner at uncle and aunt’s place again this year. Here’s the wonderful dinner prepared mostly by our aunt. If you are preparing it for your party next year, this can be a guide for preparing your own party at home.

*** Christmas Turkey ***

Home Baked Christmas Turkey

The Christmas Turkey. We went with aunt to KAP Cold Storage a few nights before Christmas to get the frozen turkey. We found what she did a little amusing, she was trying to pick the nicest looking frozen turkey. She said there’s a reason for it.

She was particular about the shape of the turkey when it was still frozen. She said if you pick a shape that’s not nice, the roasted product won’t look nice. Ah… Don’t you think the turkey’s shape looks very nice? It looks absolutely delicious too!

For the turkey filling, she decided to do something different. It seems none of us like eating stuffing and the stuffing usually go to waste. So this year, she put potatoes and lemongrass in the turkey’s cavity. Lemongrass gave it a nice fragrance and the potatoes can be eaten another day.

*** Prawn Salad ***

Prawn Cocktail

This was originally prepared by me a few years ago, and it seems we still have it until today! Something very simple that you can prepare a day in advance. Just boil the prawns and peel them. Keep the in the fridge and then arrange it on a nice bowl when it’s ready for serving.

You can prepare the dipping sauce by mixing mayonnaise with say curry powder or flavours you like. If you think that’s troublesome, just grab some bottled thousand island.

Everyone loves prawns / shrimps!

*** Colourful Mixed Vegetables ***

Stir Fried Mixed Colorful Veggies

I love all the vegetables in this dish. Get colourful vegetables and quickly stir fry them. Colourful vegetables are good for you!

If you have someone that has gout at home, or inviting friends that has gout, just omit the cauliflowers.

It’s like a mini Christmas Tree and decorations that you can eat!

*** Asparagus with XO Sauce ***

Asparagus with XO Sauce

Very easy dish to prepare and is well loved by all who loves asparagus. Quickly boil the asparagus and a quick stir fry, that’s all you need to prepare this dish.

I love things cooked with XO sauce.

*** Roast Potatoes with Bacon Bits ***

Roast Potatoes with Bacon Bits

Roast Potatoes with bacon bits. It’s something that you can do when you are roasting the turkey. Don’t waste the heat in your oven. Roast the potatoes with your turkey.

I am sure there are always guests at home that love to ‘jiak kan tang’, serve them this and they will be happy. I think the potatoes goes well with cranberry sauce.

*** Cold Ham ***

Cold Ham

One of the things that’s super easy to prepare. (or rather no preparation)

The ham’s already cooked and you just need to put it on a plate. You can serve them with canned pineapple rings. If you want, you can heat them up.

*** Sausages with Black Bean ***

Sausages with Black Bean

We went to an Italian restaurant recently and our aunt ordered this for her mains. Sausages cooked with black bean. She liked it so much that she has replicated the dish for her Christmas dinner repertoire.

Quite nice.

*** Roast Ribs ***

Home roasted Ribs

These ribs will look better when they are cut up into the individual ribs. I should have taken a photo after it is cut up.

Steam the ribs and then but BBQ sauce over it and bake. Aunt says it is easy. Well, it was tasty too.

*** Pesto Fettuccine ***

Pesto Fettuccine

Fresh Basil, pine nuts and garlic with olive oil. Blend it and ‘tada’, easy peasy pesto.

What aunt did was to pre-boil some fettuccine till al dante and leave it aside. We then cooked the fettuccine and pesto in smaller portions. This dish tasted really good straight out from the pan. We wanted to serve it hot that’s why we prepared them in smaller portions.

There’s so much food, so people only take a bit at a time. So when the folks wanted more, we just fry stir fry in the pan and it’s ready in 3 to 4 minutes.

*** Maltesers Chocolate Cheesecake ***

Homemade Maltesers Chocolate Cheese Cake

One of our cousins made this and brought to for the party. She’s such a great baker eh?
It taste as good as it looks. Maltesers, it has been a long time since I had them. Sorry, I don’t have the recipe.

(Maltesers was one thing we had quite often when we were studying in Melbourne. It was one of those fund raising gifts and when there’s fund raising for activities, we will be having lots of it!)

We also had macarons that we made.  That’s our Christmas Dinner this year at home.

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