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Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Fusionopolis

It was a colleague’s birthday and it’s currently a very busy time at work, so we went somewhere near to celebrate his birthday. He suggested two places and this happened to be one of it.

The last time we came here was in August 2009! It’s about a year ago! This place is still surviving.
But it recently appeared in the newspaper (replicated here at CNA’s forum) saying this place is still a ghost town. It is! But on the day we ate here, it has a decent crowd. We saw there were offers, but the offers were only valid for dinner and weekends ;-(


I can’t remember who ate what, I did not manage to take photo of everyone’s lunch, so here are some selected shots.

The Corn Ramen.



This looks like spicy chicken ramen.



The ramen was a set and it came with a dessert, this was some dessicated coconut mochi.

Coconut Dessert


And it also had sushi as sides as well.



I had the Beef Set. It was all right. I think I prefer Korean style rather than Japanese style.
I think I have been eating too much Korean recently! haha



The shared items, we had a cute caterpillar sushi.

Catepillar Sushi


And also a soft shell crab salad. I think the salad’s kinda nice!
I like the salad more than the caterpillar above! 🙂

Soft Shell Crab Salad

Food here OK lah. After reading the newspaper article, maybe we should ‘support’ them a bit. Maybe when they are less stress about getting customers, food will be even better. 

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Fusionopolis
1 Fusionopolis Way
#02-20/21 Symbiosis
Singapore 138632

Tel: 6466 3511

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