Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ Holland Village

I met up with Gorilla to have lunch. It has been some time since I went to CJ LMXLB, so I asked if it’s OK we eat there? I was thinking of ‘frying’ my head with the super spicy chicken la mian. LOL (more about that in a while)

Gorilla ordered this. (oops, I forgot the name!, but I think it’s spicy with bits of tofu and meat in it.)
Is it because of the spicy food I ate? I seem to have forgotten things related to the lunch! LOL..

Spicy La Mian

This is what I wanted to eat!

It’s cold cold ‘white chicken’ that has loads of extra spicy chilli oil over it. It gives you a similar effect as eating lots of wasabi, except that this will your tongue and lips to ‘fire on’.

It goes clear a headache if you have one. It clears the headache and also seem to give you temporary amnesia! Let’s say it clears all! (incl a trip to the throne and have a total ‘cleansing’ of the system too! haha)

But it gives me a great fiery satisfaction. LOL

The Ultra Spicy Chicken with La Mian

Little packages that give you bursts of joy eating them. 😉

Xiao Long Bao

We had ordered this earlier, but I think it did not get into the system. So we asked about the order and they said it was missed out.

It was good that it came in the end though. These pickled lotus roots soothe the tongue that is burning. 🙂

Pickled Lotus Roots

Have a great week everyone!

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Holland V)
241/241A Holland Avenue
Singapore 278976

Tel: 6463 0968

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