Leftover Food Day

Last Saturday was finish the leftover food day for sis and I.

I stayed home the whole day finishing up some work. After Sis came back from her Bukit Timah hike with her ex-colleagues, she too was busy with her work. Aiyo, not sure about you all, we seem to be buried with work and can’t get off our computers or notebooks!

So around 6 pm, sis got up and decided to ransack the fridge for food.  So this was what she came up with.

Leftover Christmas turkey. Aunt packed them with cranberry sauce for us too!
The holes in the meat, can anyone guess why it’s there?

Leftover turkey

The eggs in the fridge is about nearly two weeks old, so time to use up the eggs too! But we got 1 day old bitter gourd. So sis stir fried the bitter gourd first then turn it into an omelette. I like the bitter gourd omelette!

Bittergourd and Eggs

Also found in the freezer were a few Bak Changs. We were thinking hard, who gave these to us. Anyway, sis just steamed it.

Oh, we steamed it using our Panasonic Microwave / Convection Oven with Steam.  When we got it a more than half a year back, we did not know how to use the steam function and food never got cooked. Only after a two months, we saw those demo video that keep running while walking around the shopping centre then we found out how we should use it. I am sure you all have many things at home that you don’t know how to use!  (No, this is not an advertorial ok. It’s true!)

But now that we know how to use it, we steam a lot of things in it, including these bak changs. We got a surprise when we cut open the chang. Sis said: “Aiyo! The Bak Chang “Orr Chae” one! Come see see see… Blue black bak chang!” She added: “Bring your camera as well, and take a photo of it and post it up!”  (The reason I put up a leftover food post!)

These are Nyonya Bak Changs!  We were trying to guess which bibik made it for us. 😉 We think we know who!

Nyonya Chang

Hope you all have:
– A good start to your work year if you are working.
– A great start to knowing more friends if you have just started school.
– A great family that will help you out if you are a stay home mum or dad.

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