Spice Peranakan @ Biopolis

I am back. I was too busy over Christmas meetings in church, and also feeling lazy and wanted to take a break from blogging over the holidays. Today’s the first day of work and I think I am back blogging again. 😉

This was lunch I had with a Gorilla who picked me up for lunch last week.
We went to Biopolis to try Spice Peranakan. I had wanted to try it since they moved to Biopolis but did not have the chance. The last time I had lunch at Spice Peranakan was when they were still at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. That must be so long ago! (I just checked this online food diary and it says April 2008!)

We texted a friend who works in Biopolis and wanted to have lunch with her. However she was stuck in a meeting. We took our own sweet time to order and ate really slowly. But her meeting only finished when we finished our meal!

While waiting for our meal, I took this first photo with my mobile phone. We sat outdoors. It was a nice cool day that day.

Spice Peranakan

So what did Gorilla and I have? We initially wanted to try the Set Meals, but they were not offering that on the last few days of the year as they were expecting everyone to be on leave and not working in Biopolis. But they were wrong, customers were streaming in because the restaurants beside them were closed!

So we had ala-carte dishes. This is the Ayam Goreng. ($9.80)
Lovely fried chicken with caramelized onions and soy sauce. I love caramelized onions!

Ayam Goreng

We also had the Chap Chye. ($7.80)
Found out that gorilla likes Chap Chye.

It goes very well with the free flow of rice we had. (rice is freeflow at $1.80 per person).
I only had 1 serving, but Gorilla had 3 huge servings. Yes, we always know he likes rice.

Chap Chye

We also had the Beef Rendang. ($13.80)
Oh, the rendang was spicy! Real spicy! But we like it. It makes you want to eat more rice!
The pieces I had were quite tender and flavourful.

Beef Rendang

The food is still as nice as I tried it over a year ago. The last time, we had rice that was not cooked properly. haha.. This time it is nice that our friend had 3 platefuls of it.

The menu states that they do not even use any MSG. So those allergic to MSG do not need to worry. 😉

Spicy Peranakan
20 Biopolis Way
Centros Building
Singapore 138668

Tel: 673 888 7

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