Curry Gardenn @ Turf City

Colleagues and I went to Turf City for lunch. After following one colleague to settle some matters there, we thought of lunch and remembered the Indian food place opened by the IT Guy that we have not ate for a long long time.

Ya, the Curry Gardenn, spelt with double N.

Curry Gardenn @ Turf City

We started by having a Tiger.
No, just icy cold lime juice in a Tiger mug. The menu says it is Indian Lime Juice. But it taste like the usual lime juice to us. Simple and refreshing.

Tiger Beer, no it's Lime Juice

We did not fell like having the Curry Fish Head which was the stuff we used to eat here. Don’t know why? Maybe the 4 guys have PMS? LOL..

We had Nasi Briyani. One colleague said they might have improved on their rice. It tasted better this time.

Nasi Briyani

We had a Rohan Gosh, (red mutton or mutton stewish curry).
Of all the meat stuff we ordered, this was so tender and delicious. Just a subtle hint of mutton. I usually don’t like mutton. It’s just a little small for 4 guys. ;-p

Rohan Gosh

We had the Chicken Masala Special. Not too bad.

Chicken Masala Special

We had two vegetable dishes.
The first is Spinach. 4 guys pretending they are Popeye so eating Popeye’s veggie.


This is Bendi Masala (Ladies Finger). I love this kind of gooey curry vegetable dishes.
What are we thinking? First Strong Man Veg, then Ladies Fingers. (Don’t laugh!)

Okra Curry

Half way through our meal, it poured! So when we finished our meal, it was still raining.
So to kill time, we ordered the light and crispy Roti Tissue.

Don’t you love roti tissue? Crispy thin prata with sugar and condensed milk.
Notice my colleague? He was holding a piece of tissue paper! Ya, because I was taking photo of Roti Tissue. Roll your eyes.. Go ahead….

Roti Tissue

Nice place to have nice Indian food and not too expensive as well. This place is quite packed too.

Curry Gardenn
200 Turf Club Rd,
Singapore 287994

Tel: 63144640, Mobile : 96942093
Hours: 8:00 am – 8.30 pm

3 thoughts on “Curry Gardenn @ Turf City”

  • I always enjoy a meaty curry – any time, any place – haha.

    Condensed milk with tissue roti ? Just a drizzle over the pancake ?
    Personally I like the former square layered roti. The newer rounds r too small n the deep-fry puff roti r just too greasy !

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