McDonald’s @ Budget Terminal, Changi Airport.

I was at the Budget Terminal at an unearthly hour of 5 AM a few days ago. Momo’s taking a budget flight Macau on a holiday. Got to thank our friend Gorilla who got us there too.

It’s amazing that at 5 am, there’s so many people at the Budget Terminal. The check-in counters for other flights out had long queue, except for the flight to Macau. It was empty! Momo checked in so quickly that we had lots of time to ‘burn’. So what did we do?

Find a place to sit and drink something. It’s amazing that after waking up, your stomach gets hungry even if it’s 5 in the morning. So I finally had my first McDonald’s meal since the Monopoly Game is launched. I was dreaming that I was the one that’s going to get the coveted ‘Sentosa Cove’ sticker!

Sigh…. Did not get it.

The only reason for Mcdonalds.

My favourite breakfast at maccas is not the big breakfast but McGriddles.

Mcgriddles Sausages and Egg

Probably it’s also because it’s easier to eat! I like the maple syrup in the “pancake bun”.
Also, the sausage in the patty form is very salty. I wonder that’s the reason I like it? Or maybe, the M mark on the pancake?

Mcgriddles Sausages and Egg

The value meal comes with Hash Browns that I have never finish ever. I think it’s just too oily to put in your mouth.

Hash Brown

I always have ice milo with my McGriddles meal.

Ice Milo

Get it at any of the 112 Maccas near you.
(Maccas is the lazy way how Aussies and possibly NZlanders call McDonalds. )

I read a few days ago that Subway will have more branches than McDonald’s by early 2011. Hmm.. Which do you prefer?

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