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.Location: Turf City

Omakase Burger @ The Grandstand

The wife and I love burgers and when we hear that there’s a new place for burgers, we will find some time to go try it. We heard that “Omakase Burger” that’s located at The Grandstand (previous Turf City) has opened so we thought we […]

Picotin @ Horse City (Turf Club Road)

This was lunch yesterday at Picotin. We were looking for place to have lunch and did a quick online search. Going through the list of places to eat, we settled for Picotin because:– it’s near both Momo and my home.– inspired by Momo’s version of […]

Curry Gardenn @ Turf City

Colleagues and I went to Turf City for lunch. After following one colleague to settle some matters there, we thought of lunch and remembered the Indian food place opened by the IT Guy that we have not ate for a long long time. Ya, the […]

Curry Gardenn @ Turf City

On Tuesday this week, we realized so many of our colleagues were on leave. ‘Wire’ our colleague noticed something else, all the anti-Indian food colleagues are all on leave! That leaves us, all the Indian food lovers a chance to hunt for some delicious Indian […]