Rakuzen @ Millenia Walk

This was colleague and my lunch yesterday. It was our last day at our training centre and we thought we should try out this place that we saw a few days ago. We have been walking around and spot this place that has a special “outside seating menu”.

It was a $12 set meal that’s only available if you sit outside (ie. not in the air-con comfort). For the last few days, we have been freezing from 9 am to 11.45 am in course, so we don’t mind ‘defrosting’ sitting outside. 🙂

Raku Zen @ Millenia Walk

It was quite a big set isn’t it? We think that this is just nice for parents who are shopping in the area with small kids. You can feed your kid the chawanmushi and karaage. You can eat the sushi and salad and finish up whatever leftover from your kids. haha..

outside table set

We find the sushi quite fresh.

7 types of sushi

The chicken karaage was crispy outside and not dry inside.


We had a small little cup of dessert. But it was just nice as we were quite full after eating all the rest.
It’s watermelon and nata de coco.

Watermelon and Nata de Coco

The chawanmushi, a little generous with the sodium for me, but not for my colleague. 😉
I like cups like this!


The sidedish. Cabbage and mushroom. Light and tasty. I like this because I like cabbage and mushroom!

Cabbage and Mushroom Sidefish

As usual, when we were paying, we have this habit of asking if any cards have discount here. The cashier said if you have the Sushi Tei Card. We do! Both of us! We found out they are sisters company of Sushi Tei. That’s 10% off for us.

9 Raffles Boulevard
Time2@Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

Tel: 63331171

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