Pizza Hut @ Suntec City

Not sure if you all watched Pizza Hut’s Pasta Prefecto advertisement. It made it look so good that you wonder if it’s true. haha..

Since we are at Suntec for this whole week, my colleague said let’s try it, and so we did! (Since we have been walking past it the whole week!)

We walked in and was promptly seated. We told the server we are having the pasta and was told it would take some time. We said OK. Hmm. Wonder if it’s all branches or this one only, taking time to prepare means they will cook when we order right? (We hope so!)

Colleague ordered the Pep ‘N’ Spice.
It looked really nice and appetizing. It was al-dente too! Not too stingy with the mushrooms too.

Pep N Spice

I had the Chicken Pomodoro. I like tomato based pasta and this one’s to my liking. The pasta was done just right, the sauce was tasty.

Chicken Pomodoro

We thought it was not bad at all. Almost like what the advert says. LOL
It’s around $6-7 each for the pasta.

Typical of any ‘fast food’ chains, there are lots of top-op options. Colleague topped up to include a soup and a drink. I ordered the dessert instead – two slices of cake.

Cakes for desserts

The cake was not bad too. Some people might find the size of the cake too small, but for me it’s ok. Just enough calories and not too much!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

The cheesecake was not too shabby and the chocolate was nice.

Cakes for desserts

It seems you don’t get to choose the type of pasta, it’s fixed depending on what you order. They did not ask us and we did not ask if we can. You can try and let me know if they allow you to choose the pasta.

We were told if we are HSBC card holders there’s a ‘one for one’ offer for the pasta. (valid till 20 Oct according to their website) Too bad we did not have the HSBC card, or else it would be really cheap! (it would have been $3.50 each for the pasta!)

Pizza Hut
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

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