Indonesian Panggang @ Engineering Canteen, NUS

Colleagues and I have not had this for months! Checking this food diary, it seems the last time we ate it was in January!

We bought 3 sets, with added curry vegetables. $3.40 (I think!)

Things that are ‘panggang’ always looks and taste so good ya?

Ayam Panggang

This is colleague’s lunch. I do not need to show the 3rd plate right? It’s the same. LOL

Ayam Panggang

Indonesian Panggang
NUS Engineering Canteen.

4 thoughts on “Indonesian Panggang @ Engineering Canteen, NUS”

  • I just wanted to say that Ayam Panggang looks like the one I often eat at NUS (visiting my friend who works in NUS). It's cheap and nice! It was cheaper months ago but they raised the price.

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  • Travelerinfo,

    Did they raise the price? Oh, I did not realise it. We ate it because we saw so many people eating it. hehe..

    LOL… The canteens are not too far from each other. You can enrol in say Computing too you know. 🙂

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