.Location: NUS Engineering Canteen

Indonesian Panggang @ Engineering Canteen, NUS

Colleagues and I have not had this for months! Checking this food diary, it seems the last time we ate it was in January! We bought 3 sets, with added curry vegetables. $3.40 (I think!) Things that are ‘panggang’ always looks and taste so good […]

Malay Mixed Rice @ NUS Engineering Canteen

Another case of following the herd. Colleagues and I took a shuttle bus to the Engineering Canteen and everyone was wondering what to eat, one person started to queue for the Malay food, another follow suit. Yet another, and guess what? My legs brought me […]

Lunch @ NUS Engineering Canteen

Oh.. we realise that food prices have gone up in all the canteens in NUS! Prices have gone up between 20-50 cents depending on the food and stalls. But I guess it’s still one of the affordable places to eat for people working in NUS/NUH/Science […]

Indian Food @ NUS Engineering Canteen

Last day in Darwin now. Wondering what we have eaten and visited in Darwin? Cannot post in this blog lah. We are eating outside Singapore, so does not fit into the Singapura Daily Makan blog. If you are wondering, we got here by Jetstar. Bought […]

Mcdonalds @ NUS Engineering Canteen

It has somehow become a routine. When we have lunch at the NUS Engineering canteen, we will end up at Mcdonalds having ‘desserts’. We were tempted to go in by the advertisements. They have spicy Mcnuggets and Onion Rings now. We did not really like […]