.Area: NUS / NUH / Science Parks 1 and 2

Khansama Tandoori Village @ Science Park I

This was lunch last week, when we thought we miss eating nice Indian Food. We knew that there’s a $9.90 buffet going on and wondered should we go for it. We knew when we order ala carte it will be around $10 per person. So […]

Nasi Lemak Buffet @ NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

Was it “Eat Nasi Lemak Week” last week? On Thursday I ate Nasi Lemak. On Friday, I had Nasi Lemak again! Friday’s Nasi Lemak was a Nasi Lemak Buffet! It was all because a friend who likes to eat rice wanted to go for it. […]

Indonesian Panggang @ Engineering Canteen, NUS

Colleagues and I have not had this for months! Checking this food diary, it seems the last time we ate it was in January! We bought 3 sets, with added curry vegetables. $3.40 (I think!) Things that are ‘panggang’ always looks and taste so good […]

Mcdonalds @ NUS Engineering Canteen

It has somehow become a routine. When we have lunch at the NUS Engineering canteen, we will end up at Mcdonalds having ‘desserts’. We were tempted to go in by the advertisements. They have spicy Mcnuggets and Onion Rings now. We did not really like […]

Blooie’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill @ Science Park II (Main Course Pix)

Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s Part II. Today’s a busy day too at work. Colleague’s Beef Burger. Looks absolutely delicious! $18 Another colleague’s baked chicken pasta. (which happen to be the set meal of the day, which came with clam chowder, which we all […]