Sarena Nasi Padang @ Holland Drive

The other day, we all went to Big D’s. One colleague who saw the long queue at the stall beside it. He then peeped at what the ‘lauk lauk’ at the Nasi Padang stall. He decided he got to eat from this stall.

Sarena Nasi Padang

When his food came, it smell so good.
It looks very delicious too right? This one one side of what he ordered. Curry Chicken and Sambal Terung (Brinjal)

Sarena Nasi Padang

We were tempted. We might come back here one day to try it ourselves. 😉

Sarena Nasi Padang

Sarena Nasi Padang
Block 46 Holland Drive
Ground Floor Coffee Shop
Singapore 270046

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