Penang Place @ International Business Park

More goodbye dinner for our brother. (It’s as if he’s going to starve overseas).
Uncle and aunty arranged for us to have Penang food at Penang Place at International Business Park. (near IMM).

Penang Place

We always enjoy eating here because the food’s nice and it suits our taste. But we usually come here at night, so the photos are dark, blur and grainy. Never mind the photos, the food’s to our liking, so that is what matters.

This time, most of us started with the soup. The soup’s Herbal Duck soup. It’s quite delicious. (Need to have self control and not drink too much, else there’s no room for other food!)

Herbal Duck Soup

Next I had the Nasi Lemak. Had a little bit of everything. Yes, a tiny bit only.
Lor Bak, Ikan Bilis, Sambal, Ladies Finger, Hae Bee Hiam, Acar, Spring Roll, etc….
Everything was nice, except maybe today, the springroll has something missing? Hmm

Nasi Lemak

This place is quite famous for its Fried Kuay Teow. This is plate 1 of the 5 ot 6 servings we all shared. During peak hour, ie 6.30pm they serve it on the buffet table. We went there around 7.30, so this time, you can place your order and they fry a fresh plate just for you.

Penang Fried Kway Teow

The satay, fried chicken, beef rendang, otak and mix vegetable. Satay’s really nice. We all seem to like the vege a lot. (Think because it’s with lots of garlic…)

Satay, Fried Chicken, Rendang, Otak, Mix Veg

The Hae Mee (Prawn noodle) soup. The soup’s rich and if you add the sambal in, yummy!

Penang Hae Mee

The Penang Laksa. They will boil the noodles in front of you and add in the laksa soup. You will then top it with the different condiments you like. I hadd all the condiments, a bit of everything and less than usual amount of prawn paste (hae kor). It’s nice nice nice. (Spicy spicy spicy too).

Our cousin had like 3 bowls of it. Recently she’s begining to take more and more spicy stuff!

Penang Laksa

Their curry chicken here is very thick and rich. The chicken’s tender too.
It’s nice to dip slices of bread with this curry.

Curry Chicken

There are other stuff like Sambal Seafood (prawns, mussels) and other stuff. But I was too full to eat it.

There’s also lots of desserts, fruits etc. But here’s one that I always like. Cendol. 🙂


A few of the dishes here is what our youngest sis likes. Bro will be staying in her place in UK and we are wondering if we can legally bring in stuff to recreate what we ate for her. We wonder if ‘hae kor’ can be brought in.

Penang Place
6 International Business Park (off Boon Lay Way)
#01-05 Atrium
Singapore 609918

Hours: Lunch: 11.30am to 2.00pm, Dinner: 6.30pm to 9.00pm, Closed on Sunday

Refer to their website for the different prices and menu. 🙂
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5 thoughts on “Penang Place @ International Business Park”

  • If ur bro n sis could get to Gerrard Street without much inconvenience, then they r fortunate bec Soho is capable of easing their homesickness for asian food !I hv tried the 3 little chinese restaurants in our town but they r really mediocre – geared to local taste (bland). When in Sg, hubby n I do chow-down with a vengence – hehe. Ur wonderful pix does alleviates our longings n at the same time inspires me to try to emulate some of the do-able dishes 🙂

  • LIC,Too many times. hehe…Dutchie,Will let them know. They lived there for some time, they know where to get their fixes. But the food here always taste better. hehe…Everything here can be emulated. They they can do it, you can too! 🙂Allie,yes, the soup’s nice. Think we spotted dried longan inside as well, but not shown in this photo. There’s some subtle sweetness in the soup that makes it so nice.

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