Venezia Gelateria @ Guthrie House, Bukit Timah

Where’s a good place to de-stress? Try a gelato place and have some gelato.
I think it’s very therapeutic. I hope you get relax looking this photos too. Looking at photos without eating and just imagining the taste = zero calorie 😉

Coconut Gelato. It’s like eating coconut flesh / drinking coconut juice. Refreshing!

Coconut Gelato

What is this? Mascarpone Cheese flavour.
This is so so good too….

Mascapone Cheese Gelato

Double Chocolate gelato with freshly made waffle. Delightful!

Double Chocolate Gelato on Waffle

Want something more adult? Rum and Raisin that’s quite potent with warm waffles. Aaahh….

Rum and Raison Gelato on Waffle

Their tiramisu’s not bad too.



It’s midweek, and everyone seems to be overwhelmed with work. Get some ice cream / gelato!

(Sis was hinting to me: hey, the ice cream maker you bought has been sitting in the shelve feeling lonely, make use of it. ok ok.. one of these days…)

Venezia Gelateria
1 Fifth Avenue
#01-01 Guthrie House
Singapore 268802

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