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Sakae Teppanyaki @ Bugis Junction (Part II)

Hi again! I am not going to bore you all with the cooking process, but here’s what we ate. We had 4 persons and we ordered 4 different sets. So that we can try all the different types of food. We had Chicken Set, Turkey Set, Seafood Set and Beef Set I think.

It’s interesting sitting and looking at the 2 different teppanyaki chefs cooking in front of you. You always wonder who’s meal he is cooking next and when it is done, you wonder… is it going to end up in front of me? haha….

Well, the following 7 pictures ended up in either of our plates.
The seafood fried udon. The cooking process sure is interesting. We were so glad it ended up on our plate. haha…

This beautiful chawanmushi like thingy is made of an onion as its ‘container’. It was made from scratch and ‘steamed’ in front of us. It has an onion-y taste but it’s not bad! Pretty too!

These scallops made us drool a bit while the guy was cooking it. They were taken apart out of the shell and cooked. Then more garlic was stir fried at another spot and the whole thing assembled back onto the shell that was sizzling. You got to try it!

Some sets came with fried veggies too. Not sure which one but we all shared anyway.

The tofu pieces were cooked very slowly at each side to make it brown nicely. They seem to be forever on the teppanyaki surface we were wondering when will it be done????
Patience paid off when it ended up on our plates.

We had chicken which I am not posting up. This is the turkey meat. This one shows it a bit charred, but removing those little bit, it taste good.

We were quite full eating the various meats and other things, we thought it is done. We saw the chef stir frying mushrooms and though, if only it came with out set. To our surprise it did! haha…

I think the experience is quite wonderful. We did not really memorize what was in the set, and we were just sitting and looking at two guys cooking in front of us, and hoping it ends on our plates. LOL. I guess if the chefs were not too concentrated in cooking and spent some time chatting with the people they are cooking for, it will be even more interesting.

Eg, when they are cooking your beef, they can chat to you and tell you something about it. hmmm…

Each set range around $12-16. Our total bill was around $60.

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