Soup Restaurant @ Paragon

On Wednesday, colleague had some business to settle in town quickly, so we followed his car to Orchard Rd for lunch. He got his stuff done very quickly and we settled for lunch.

We were deciding what to eat, and when someone suggested white chicken, we ended up here. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you love soft peanuts, the ones here are irresistible to us.

Usually, when you come here, many people either have the Ah Kong or Ah Ma “Fan Su Ye”.
We took the spicy one which is Ah Kong Fan Su Ye. This is a very popular dish here.

We also had the boiled soup of the day. It happened to be corn and pork soup. Lovely.

Aha! Why we were here for. The Samsui Ginger Chicken. We had 4 persons and we had the large one! Yes, we wallop it all. We were told it had 40 pieces. That’s something new to us.

We thought we wanted more veg, so we had the Yao Mak Chye with Black Bean.

This is called Eleven Tong Poh Pork.
It’s quite yummy you know! Lard lovers indulge! It is actually one whole piece of meat and they manage to cut it up and raised the middle. How did they do it?

We were very satisfied.

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