Cold Sauteed Mushroom with Alfafa Sprouts on Cold Tofu.


I have seen a few people posting about Tofu. The most recent is Melting Wok Tofu dish. Rasa Malaysia wrote about her 30 minute meal which featured a tofu dish. Simcooks also has a few Tofu recipes. I thought I shall post one of the tofu dishes that I prepared.

It’s Cold Sauteed Mushroom with Alfafa Sprouts on Cold Tofu.

It’s something that you can prepare all in advance and just assemble it in 5 mins for a quick meal or a light snack. It’s healthy too.

Stuff you need:
1. Tofu that comes in those tubes. I prefer those without eggs for this dish, so it has a lighter taste.
2. Fresh button mushrooms plus other mushrooms that’s in season in the supermarkets. Sauteed them your favourite style. For the above, it was sauteed with a mixture of oyster sauce, abalone sauce, maggi chicken stock concentrate, light soy and dark soy. All in small amounts, usually 1/2 to 1 tablesppon each. Plus freshly ground pepper and half a teaspoon of sugar. I also had onions and lots of garlic. After cooking, chill it in the fridge.
3. Alfafa sprouts. (this was for my sandwich) or Dou Miao. Dou Miao goes better.

It’s something that’s very convenient if you want to eat something light or you want an extra dish if someone suddenly shows up for dinner. Just assemble them and that’s it. The tofu can be eaten right from the package.


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