Food Bloggers Recommends @ Swensen’s Singapore

How many of you grew up going to Swensen’s and still order the same starters that you have since long ago? My wife always orders the Deep Fried Mushrooms in Swensen’s. I don’t know why, but we always eat it when we dine at Swensens! […]

600 calories or less meal: Swensen’s

This was an invited food tasting session courtesy of the Singapore Health Promotion Board. Has the Health Promotion Board folks been counting my calorie intake? They probably are. What makes me think so, you might be asking. Well….. I got an email recently to join […]

Birthday Party – Swensen’s Ice Cream Cake & Domino’s Pizza

Recently, my sis organised a birthday party for an 8 year old at our home. The boy is the youngest son of a member of the choir that sis conducts. The boy likes to come to our place. (to play Nintendo Wii. He has a […]

Swensen @ Suntec City

Met Momo for lunch today. We were wondering what to eat and was walking around and we noticed that the Swensen’s One for One offer is back again. I am not sure if the offer is back at all branches, but it is for the […]

Swenson’s @ IMM

Part II of cousin’s birthday that we celebrated with other cousins. Ya, we got a big family.The kids wanted Swenson’s. So off we went to Swenson’s. (The adults were thinking, err Swenwon’s ah… but OK lah… It is better than Swenson’s of long ago. haha.. […]