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Burger Dinner @ Home

After this burger post, I will have a break from posting more burgers. I still have lots of photos of burgers from burgers from Singapore and also overseas. If you have the Lonely Planet Queensland guide, they have an entry about the best burger in […]

Christmas Dinner @ Home

Let me wish all a very Blessed Christmas! We had our Christmas Dinner at uncle and aunt’s place again this year. Here’s the wonderful dinner prepared mostly by our aunt. If you are preparing it for your party next year, this can be a guide […]

Beef Bourguignon

Last Saturday, Momo spent more than half a day cooking Beef Bourguignon as a birthday treat. She used the famous Julia Child recipe and even had to ask TheHungryCow the wine expert to get her the red wine to use. As not all the ingredients […]

Leftover food @ Home

I am sure most of you know that leftover food in the fridge is to be consumed within 3 days.Mum cooked so much food and we had lots of leftover and our fridge was full! We were busy finishing up the food and this was […]

Birthday Fried Mee Suah @ Home

Mum flew back from UK a few days ago after spending 3 months cooking for our sis who just given birth in UK. Sometimes I wonder, doesn’t she get tired of cooking? Anyway, Chinese mums needs to eat proper confinement food, so mum lovingly prepares […]