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Crabs and Fried Bee Hoon @ Home

When one of her niece says she wants to eat crabs, our aunt will always say OK!  You should see the face of her 11 year old niece. Smiling ear to ear! Last Sunday evening, our aunt bought crabs from the local wet market and […]

Dinner at Julia’s

Julia of AromaCookery.com who is also a pre-u school mate of Momo, invited a few friends for dinner. We also had the company of Camemberu, HungryCow and Derrick. Well, if Julie Powell of Julia and Julie blogs about mastering French Cooking, Julia Khoo of AromaCookery […]

My Breakfast

Some people asks what do I eat for breakfast? From this post, you will know… This has been my breakfast since last month! I have been eating this for weeks. I am still not sick of it, but loving it! What’s inside this bowl? 1 […]

Leftover Food Day

Last Saturday was finish the leftover food day for sis and I. I stayed home the whole day finishing up some work. After Sis came back from her Bukit Timah hike with her ex-colleagues, she too was busy with her work. Aiyo, not sure about […]

Christmas Dinner @ Home

This was our Christmas Day dinner at home. It’s mostly prepared by our Aunt. The rest of us just eat!The table all set up! With a flower arrangement given just a few days by her friend. We started by having soup. This is tomato and […]