Mooncakes – Fairmont Hotel : Szechuan Court Restaurant

This box of mooncakes also from Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel was given by one of our colleague’s brother to him. He shared it with us because he and his wife doesn’t take alcohol. These are the “Ping Pi” / Snowskin versions of mooncake made by […]

Mooncakes – Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

This box of mooncakes was given by one of our vendors, Oracle. We have never got mooncakes from Oracle (Database), but we have always been getting mooncakes from Sun. Since Sun has become Oracle, we now get them Oracle (Sun). Confused? Anyway, Oracle gave us […]

Mooncakes – Peony Jade Restaurant

A colleague bought this for us to enjoy during tea few days ago. There was some roadshow at our workplace where vendors brought in mooncakes for sale at a discount. This was mooncakes from Peony Jade Restaurant.If you are thinking, it that really jade, what […]

Mooncakes – Yes Natural

Colleague bought this mooncake for us to try.Yes Natural is a vegetarian restaurant (which I have not heard off until this box of mooncakes arrived in our office haha). Colleague said that the person selling him said it’s one of the healthiest mooncake around.There’s no […]

Starbucks Mooncake

Hey, it seems that even international coffee chains like Starbucks are selling mooncakes! Was at Starbucks with a few friends and in addition to the usual drinks, we had a Starbucks mooncake! It’s tiny though. It’s the ‘ping pi’ kind. It’s not too bad! The […]