Mooncakes – Yes Natural

Colleague bought this mooncake for us to try.
Yes Natural is a vegetarian restaurant (which I have not heard off until this box of mooncakes arrived in our office haha).

Colleague said that the person selling him said it’s one of the healthiest mooncake around.
There’s no preservative he said. Colleague was convinced and bought a box of two mooncakes.

Mooncakes - Yes Natural

This was the “Assorted Nuts” mooncakes.

Mooncakes - Yes Natural

The nuts mooncakes was surprisingly good.
It’s a bit like having a oriental version of muesli bar that has richer taste.

Mooncakes - Yes Natural

The other mooncake was the white lotus paste with double yolks.

This is vegetarian salted egg yolk. The 5 or 6 of us who ate it thought the yolk tasted ‘funny’. The yolk tasted like flaky flour mix with lots of salt and orange colouring.

The lotus paste was all right though. So, you probably might want to get them without yolks if you want to try them.

Mooncakes - Yes Natural

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