.Location: NUS

The Scholar @ NUS Society Kent Ridge Guild House

This was our office lunch with a few days back. Can you guess who funded this lunch? Money we got from the company’s productivity / Office of Quality Management fund! My office mates and I enjoy food and we tend to go all around this […]

Cafe on the Ridge @ NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

We are here again! Colleagues and I did not want to join the mad queues at the NUS Canteens. We wanted somewhere where there is air conditioning as well. So, we went to Cafe on the Ridge. Yes, someone ordered the usual stuff we have […]

Lunch @ NUS BIZ Canteen

Colleagues and I were at the NUS Business Canteen for lunch. We think this canteen might be the least crowded. Everyone seems to be flocking to other canteens. We were glad we came here. We do not need to look for seats. There’s lots of […]

Vietnamese Stall @ Business Canteen, NUS

It has been a long long time since I ate at the NUS Business Canteen. It’s the university holidays, so it’s less stressful to find a place to sit here. But there’s also a downside eating here during the holidays. Not all stalls are open […]

Uncle Penyet @ NUS Science Canteen

We had the Ayam Penyet from this stall last week. Since it’s still fresh in our minds, we were thinking about having it again. The queue seems to be moving faster now. There is still a queue, but it clears very fast. This time we […]